Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Ewe Lamb Sales List - $50 per animal discount on purchases of 3 or more

Willow Garden Shetland Sheep Farm

2006 Ewe Lambs For Sale List

  1. WillowGarden Cress … a musket lamb out of a bred ewe recently purchased from the Dailley flock. This ewe is very square and correct … and 100% Dailley. Her dam and twin are mioget, so she is, at the least, carrying modified colour genetics. The dam has one of the nicest fleeces I have ever seen … $350
  1. WillowGarden Okra … is a very tame fawn Katmoget ewe. She is about 16% UK genetics (Greyling & Minder). This lamb crawled out of her jug on the night she was born and adopted a dam with no milk! She was grafted on to another ewe the same day, but never really accepted her. She finally ‘ran away’ and became a bottle baby at about 3 weeks of age. She is out of WillowGarden Mae West and Great Plains King Arthur. She is correct and has a nice fleece. She also could be Ab/Ab, meaning she would consistently throw katmoget lambs … $400 - SOLD
  1. WillowGarden Fava … is a black gulmoget with a minor krunet. She is out of SheltrgPines Precipitation (a modified black ewe) and WillowGarden Smokey Robinson (a grey katmoget/gulmoget ram). Fava has a heavier tail, that is still well within the acceptable range. She may carry modified colour genetics and the only gulmoget ewe lamb that I will offer for sale this year … $400 - SOLD
  1. WillowGarden Avacodo … a black smirslet sokket (HST). She is out of BluffCountry Zha Zha Mikaela and WillowGarden Duke Ellington. She is a classy lamb … very correct with a soft fleece. Besides being spotted, she will carry genetics for modified colours … $400 - SOLD
  1. WillowGarden Idared … is a musket ewe out of Great Plains Tulip (double F2 Greyling/Jamie) and WillowGarden Duke Ellington (emsket smirslet). This little girl is a triplet and very correct. Her fleece appears to be wavy and very soft … $400 - SOLD
  1. WillowGarden Cayene … a black ewe out of WillowGarden Rosalind Russell (older Cherrington lines and Claystone Solomon Grundy, lovely grey katmoget) and … Wind water Sean O’Sullivan (a black yuglet flecket katmoget with awesome fleece). Cayene will be one of the nicest black ewes out there, I expect … $350 - SOLD
  1. WillowGarden Peanut … a very fine mioget ewe lamb out of WillowGarden Ruth Gordon (modified black ewe) and WillowGarden Cliff Carlisle (mioget gulmoget ram) A VERY nice lamb … $400 - SOLD
  1. WillowGarden Shallot … a black ewe lamb with interesting genetics and great conformation and fleece, out of WillowGarden Joan Crawford (black gulmoget) and WillowGarden Cliff Carlisle (mioget gulmoget). Although a ‘plain Jane’, this little ewe has dynamite genetics and would be a great addition to any flock … $350
  1. WillowGarden Snap ... a lovely white ewe lamb out of Great Plains Jemma (musket, but in modified tones) and Whistle Stop Lerwick (white F1 Drum Jings son). This little girl is very tame, has excellent conformation and fleece, and is an F2 (25% UK genetics) … $400 - SOLD
  1. WillowGarden Snow … twin to Snap and every bit as good of a lamb. The two are best buds and it would be nice for them to go together to a new home … $400 - SOLD
  1. WillowGarden Parsnip … a mioget ewe lamb, with a heavier tail … out of WillowGarden Alberta Hunter (moorit smirslet flecket gulmoget … with a monir cowhawk) and WillowGarden Cliff Carlisle … $350
  1. WillowGarden Cumin … a dark grey smirslet katmoget ewe, with a spotted tongue … out of WillowGarden Rosalind Russell (Cherrington/Claystone lines) and Wind Water Sean O’Sullivan (grey yuglet flecket katmoget with an awesome fleece) … $400 - SOLD
  1. WillowGarden Hazelnut … a silver grey katmoget ewe (no phaeo) out of WillowGarden Carmen Miranda (Cherrington and Claystone lines) and geat Plains King Arthur (F2 Minder fawn katmoget). This is a really nice ewe lamb with TONS of rarer genetics … $400
  1. WillowGarden Blossom … a gorgeous mioget ewe lamb out of WillowGarden Khani Cole (Cleome and Valley Road Junior lines) and WillowGarden Cliff Carlisle. This ewe is my favourite of the miogets on the list … $400 - SOLD
  1. WillowGarden Rhubarb … a black ewe out of WillowGarden Shirley Eikhard (Cherrington and Mountain Niche lines) and Whistle Stop Lerwick (a white F1 Drum Jings ram). Here is a great little ewe that is 25% UK genetics … $400
  1. WillowGarden Delicata … a grey smirslet katmoget ewe, out of EIEIO Santana (off black smirslet ewe), and WillowGarden Smokey Robinson (a katmoget gulmoget grey ram). This ewe is a DOLL! … $450 - SOLD
  1. WillowGarden Lentil … an emsket, near yuglet ewe lamb, out of SheltrgPines Hebe (modified black blettet) and WillowGarden Kuke Ellington (fine fleeced emsket smirslet ram) … $400 - SOLD
  1. WillowGarden Apricot … a lustrous white ewe lamb out of Great Plains Juliet (domestic) and Whistle Stop Lerwick. This little girl is PERFECT in every way as far as I can see at this time. Exquisite! … $450 - SOLD
  1. WillowGarden Hazel Mae … a lovely moorit ewe out of WillowGarden Lucy Locket (a moorit Kate daughter) and Whistle Stop Lerwick. A great chance to add an F2 ewe lamb to your flock … $400 - SOLD
  1. WillowGarden Arugula … a modified black (maybe dark brown?) ewe lamb, out of Juneal Shock (Cherrington lines) and Great Plains Blair (an exquisite double F3 grey ram, currently owned by Nick Jeeves). This lamb has a heavier, but acceptable tail. Her dam and sire both have VERY soft fleeces … $350
  1. WillowGarden Edith Smith … the softest fleeced white ewe lamb born here this year … out of Great Plains Sarah (F1 Lightning) and Whistle Stop Lerwick (F1 Drum Jings) … $450 - SOLD
  2. WillowGarden Coconut ... a soft fleeced white ewe lamb out of WillowGarden Celine Dione (very soft moorit) and Whistle Stop Lerwick. This little girl is a DOLL ... and an F2 Drum Jings ewe ... $400 - SOLD

More of My Sale List

WillowGarden Okra ... a fawn katmoget ewe lamb, out of WillowGarden Mae West (fawn katmoget, F3 Greyling) and Great Plains King Arthur (fawn katmoget, F2 Minder). This little one is very tame fawn Katmoget ewe. She crawled out of her jug on the night she was born and adopted a dam with no milk! She was grafted on to another ewe the same day, but never really accepted her. She finally ‘ran away’ and became a bottle baby at about 3 weeks of age. She'll steal hearts wherever she ends up ... :-)

WillowGarden Peanut is a mioget ewe lamb out of WillowGarden Ruth Gordon (off black) and WillowGarden Duke Ellington (emsket smirslet). She is a doll! Lying with her is Neir Lakes Voe and her ram lamb WillowGarden Braeburn. Braeburn MAY end up on my sale list.

WillowGarden Blossom, a mioget ewe lamb out of WillowGarden Khani Cole (Cleome grand daughter) and WillowGarden Cliff Carlisle (very soft mioget gulmoget). This ewe lamb is sold to Shauna Grey (Wind Water Shetlands), but I wanted everyone to see her.

Monday, May 29, 2006

The Start of My Sales List

Boy has this been tough! I want to keep them ALL ... but I can't. Some of these sheep would NOT be here if I had room to expand my flock ... but I do not.

I seem to have some trouble lining up pictures with descriptions ... but ... here goes ...

WillowGarden Shallot, is a black ewe out of WillowGarden Joan Crawford (black gulmoget Tisket daughter) and WillowGarden Cliff Carlisle (mioget gulmoget with a fleece like silk). She will be carrying the modifier, and might herself actually end up a modified colour. Her fleece is nice!

WillowGarden Idared is a musket ewe lamb out of Great Plains Tulip (double F2 - Greyling & Jamie) and WillowGarden Duke Ellington (emsket smirslet ram with an amazing fleece). This ewe appears to be a light musket with a nice fleece, but is carrying both the modifier and spotting genetics. I'm not sure which of the triplets is her, but you can see that they are all quite nice.

WillowGarden Rhubarb is a fine fleeced bklack ewe lamb out of WillowGarden Shirley Eikhard (Cherrington lines) and Whistle Stop Lerwick, a white F1 Drum Jings ram. She is an F2 (25% UK genetics).

WillowGarden Shirley Eikhard has a very dense and soft fleece. She is out of a Cherrington Ewe, and a Wooly Acres ram, with breeding from the western US and Canada. She is a solid yearling ewe.

WillowGarden Fava is a black krunet gulmoget ewe lamb. She is the only one born here this year. Her eye fleshes are not strong, but they are there and will be more visible at various times of the year. She is out of SheltrgPines Precipitation (modified black 6 year old ewe) and WillowGarden Smokey Robinson (grey katmoget gulmoget).

SheltrgPines Precipitation can only go to a goos home. She is a 'pet' and thus, difficult to part with, but I am sure I'll find a good home for her. She has thrown us many wonderful lambs, that all seem to inherit her friendliness.

Great Plains Lark is a 7 year old ewe with almost no white fibres in her fleece! She is a larger ewe, but somewhat thin right now as her twin ram lambs are a real draw on her. She is from Carole Arthur's flock, but is 100% domestic. She is priced with her age in mind, but there are still a lot of lambs in this solid ewe.

Odessa Lucy Maud is a black yearling ewe out of Orysia Dawydiak's flock in Prince Edward Island. She is also a Whistle Stop Lerwick daughter, and thus an F2 Drum Jings ewe. A great chance to buy rare UK genetics.

WillowGarden Lentil has been on my 'keep' list until yesterday when I realized that I had to go deeper to stay at 75 ewes. This ewe lamb is an emsket yuglet with a nice fleece. I will have VERY few emskets available for sale this year, so don't hesitate too long if you are interested. Lentil is out of SheltrgPines Hebe (emsket blettet) and Willowgarden Duke Ellington (emsket smirslet).

I was sure that WillowGarden Delicata would stay on my 'keep' list, but since I will be using two spotted katmoget rams for breeding next Fall, I moved her to my sales list. This little girl has a perfectly formed smirslet marking that gives her a pink nose ... and I am a sucker for a pink nose! She is out of EIEIO Santana (an off black smirslet ewe) and WillowGarden Smokey Robinson (grey katmoget gulmoget).

The last two ... for now ... are mother and daughter. WillowGarden Carmen Miranda is a very dark grey two year old katmoget out of Cherrington Elizabeth and Claystone Solomon Grundy. The sire for the ewe lamb, WillowGarden Hazel Nut, is out of Great Plains King Arthur (an exquisite F2 Minder fawn katmoget). As you can see, there are some uncommon genetics in both of these animals.

MANY more exceptional ewes and ewe lambs later ... :-)

Wind Water Sean O'Sullivan Lambs

I am absolutely thrilled with the lambs from Wind Water Sean O'Sullivan. Thank you Shauna!

Here we have WillowGarden Rosalind Russell with her daughters out of Sean ... WillowGarden Cumin (grey smirslet katmoget with a spotted tongue ... :-) ... and WillowGarden Cayene (black, carrying spots).

This little one is a black ram out of Odessa Lucy Maud (an F2 Drum jings ewe). Lucy Maud is on my sale list and would be a great chance for someone to pick up a black Whistle Stop Lerwick daughter.

WillowGarden Basil is a result of a bit of line breeding. He is out of WillowGarden Eva Gabor, a dark fawn katmoget that is Sean's aunt. This ram is looking good, even at an early age. If he matures well (horns and conformation) he will also be for sale.

WillowGarden Abraham Lincoln (Abe) is out of Sean and WillowGarden Janis Joplin. He is a yuglet flecket katmoget and will be retained.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Introductions ... Lambs and Nick

Some pictures, taken on May 22 ... and presented at random.

This little Gal is out of Great Plains Cherry (F2 Greyling/ F2 Timothy) and Great Plains King Arthur (F2 Greyling). Her fleece is very uniform and soft. Her tail is an acceptable length, but appears longer than it really is, as is often the case with my shorter, more crimpy fleeced lambs. Her name is WillowGarden Mutsu.

Next we have a pair of emsket ewes out of SheltrgPines Hebe (an emsket ewe) and WillowGarden Duke Ellington (emsket ram). Their names are WillowGarden Lentil and WillowGarden Luffa. One is a yuglet and the other is a krunet with a huge area that I am calling 'incomplete expression of pattern'. One of these two will be for sale.

This is Nick, my HUGE LGD. He is half Maremma (sire) and half Pyr (dam). Somehow, he has managed to become a giant. He is well over 200 pounds as shown here at 18 months of age. Fortunately for us ... he is a gentle giant ... :-)

The final picture is another of my favourite lambs ... born to one of my favourite ewes. WillowGarden Grace, who was my first (and only) lamb to need a tube feeding a few years ago has remained smaller. I had decided not to breed her, but rather to keep her as a pet. Two years ago she snuck out to visit a ram and I aborted her. This year, she did the same thing ... and I decided to let nature take its course. The result is this lamb ... WillowGarden Papaya. The sire is Valley Road Spencer. This lamb is mioget and has an even, soft and crimpy fleece. I'm pretty happy with her.

Lots of pictures of lambs that are not for sale get posted on here. Over the weekend, I'll try to post some that are. There are some beauties!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Open House ... the Day After

Yesterday turned out to be a wonderful day. The weather was cool and windy ... but it didn't rain. There were over 200 people here again and it appeared that everyone had a good time.

Shearing didn't go real well, as the ewes were cold from the night before. Some were slightly damp, and some were very 'sticky'

The grey ewe here, Hopeful Inky, bred by my friend Michele Minty, sheared well.

This moorit ewe did not. She'll have bad hair days until I can get to her with a dog comb and comb out the matts in the summer. She is WillowGarden Lucy Locket, and one of our tamer ewes, so we will both enjoy the experience ... ;-)

When we took breaks from shearing, I got to wander the flock with the visitors. What an experience. When I walk the flock with visitors ... and add my running commentary (like that surprises ANY of you ... hehehe) ... I see things that I don't see when I am just doing 'business checks' of the flock.

I have fallen in love with another on of my white ram lambs. This guy has a short, very fine, and evenly crimped from neck to britch fleece. He is also VERY square, big, and 'build like a brick sh*t house'. I hope you can see how cool he is in the picture.

With any of the pictures, you can view them in full size by clicking on them ... in case you want to fill your screen with this guy ... WillowGarden Harcourt. He is out of Great Plains Wren, an F1 Minder fawn katmoget and Whistle Stop Lerwick, an F1 Drum Jings white ram. So ... this guy could be either Awt/Aa ... or Awt/Ab. Either way would be cool. I'll sure be watching how this dude develops ... :-)
And of course WillowGarden Okra was the star of the day. I let her wander the yard for a while ... which she does whenever she chooses anyway ... and she made a LOT of new friends.

No lambs where born during the Open House this year, but ... twin ewe lambs greeted me this morning. WillowGarden Rosalind Russell, bred to Wind Water Sean O'Sullivan, had a black ewe (WillowGarden Cayene) and a dark grey smislet katmoget (WillowGarden Cumin). I'll get pictures soon.

Next to lamb should be WillowGarden Eva Gabor, a moorit katmoget ewe. I thought she'd have lambed today, but she is still hanging on ... which will likely mean twin ram lambs ... hehehe

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Almost Ready For Tomorrow!

Well ... I am completing the final preparations for tomorrow ... Open House, Sheep Shearing, Lamb Romp, and 4H Barbeque. The weather looks like it may just co-operate!

Last year we had about 200 people here. This year, we have advertised ... and might have up to 300.

Admission is free. I will, once again, be asking for doanations to the 4H Sheep Club. Last year, between the barbeque and donations, the club made over $500. This year ... I'd like to hit $600.

The Porta-Poty is provided for the confort of guests, by our friend and real estate agent, Carol Brough ... 613-476-2100 ... ;-)

Friday, May 19, 2006

Summer Guests Have Arrived!

Well, they are here. I sure know where the expression ... 'squealing like a stuck pig'. ... comes from. Boy were they loud when we were catching them and loading them into the truck!

All four are girls. One is smaller. All seem very healthy.

My big dogs spent most of the night protecting the flock from the menace that these pigs must be. I'm hoping that they soon see them as fellow farm-mates ... :-)

The pig stye that Matt and I made seemed all they needed in order to feel at home ... along with some slop, of course.
If you come to visit ... bring your kitchen compost waste ... hehehe.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Clean-up Lambs Have Started

WillowGarden Janis Joplin, a moorit smirslet flecket ewe, out of WillowGarden Miss Muffet and WillowGarden Humphrey Bogart ... bred to Wind Water Sean O'Sullivan, a grey katmoget yuglet flecket out of WillowGarden Magda Gabor and Wooly Clyde ... had a black yuglet, flecket katmoget (?) ram lamb.

A wonderful first lamb out of this ram ... :-)

Here is another shot showing his body spot, which, to me looks to be a typical colour for a grey katmoget.

Since, Janis Joplin is a Kate great granddaughter ... this lamb will be named after a variety od heirloom tomato. I'm thinking he will be named Willow Garden Abraham Lincoln ... Abe for short.

White Rams ... With UK Genetics

I've had a few people express interest in white rams with UK genetics, so I thought I'd tell you all what I have. There are 6 white rams, that, so far, appear to be outstanding.

All are sired by Whistle Stop Lerwick, the F1 Drum Jings white ram that I leased from Orysia Dawydiak, in Prince Edward Island.

Willow Garden Grenadier and WillowGarden Gavenstein are out of Great Plains Alix. Alix's sire, Great Plains Blair is a 25% UK (Timothy & Greyling), grey ram. Her dam is Great Plains Cherry, a double F2 (Timothy & Greyling) ewe. These lambs are 43.75% UK.
WillowGarden Braeburn is out of Neir Lakes Voe, an F2 Drum Jings white ewe. He would be 37.5% UK.

WillowGarden Courtland is out of Great Plains Sara, a Heatheram Lightning (white) and Great Plains Agnas (white) ewe.

This one is WillowGarden Crispin. He is out of Great Plains Ginney, a smaller black ewe (quad) out of Campaign Timothy (black) and Great Plains Blue Bummer (a shaela triplet ewe).

The last one is WillowGarden Harcourt, out of Great Plains Wren, an F1 Shirehill Minder (fawn katmoget) and Great Plains Emma, a musket ewe. This ram could be Awt/Ab, which could mean that all of his lambs would be white or katmoget. I'll try for a picture of him later. He is a BIG boy ... :-)

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Good News ... and MORE Good News ... :-)

First the good news. My NEW TRUCK arrived today! This is only the second brand new vehicle I've ever purchased ... and the last one was 10 years ago.

I traded in my Ford F150, which I loved, for the smaller Ranger, with a small V6 (3.0L), and a five speed standard transmition ... with the expectation
of saving tons of money on gas. Well ... that is my 'excuse' and I'm sticking to it ... hehehe

And now the MORE good news. While cleaning out the glove box in my old truck ... I came across a long forgotten stash of $60 US ... hehehe

With the new truck and its way better gas mileage ... AND the huge stash of American cash that I found, all I can say to my friends across the border is ... "LOOK OUT, 'cause I'm a comin' this summer!"

Life is grand ... :-)

Monday, May 15, 2006

Annual Open House

  • Open House
  • Sheep Shearing
  • Lamb Romp
  • 4 H Barbeque
  • Free Admission
  • Colourful and playful lambs

Monday, May 22
(Victoria Day)

10 am until 2 pm
2033 Salem Rd, Consecon, ON

Take 401 to exit 522 (Wooler Road / County Rd 40). Follow Wooler Road south towards Trenton until it ends at Loyalist Parkway (#33). Turn right on to Loyalist Parkway and follow it into Prince Edward County. Once you pass the 'Welcome to Prince Edward County' sign, you are almost there. You will pass Victoria Road on the left, then Cnty Rd. 19 on the left and then Salem Road. Turn left on Salem Road. We are about 2 km in on the right hand side, just past the first set of jogs in the road.

Last year the 4H Sheep Club raised over $500 through donations and the barbeque. Sure hope you can make it!

Dailley Iris

Iris is my favourite ewe ... out of 74. I went visiting Carole Dailley in January a few years ago, and saw her ... in a flock of 100 or so ewes, she stood out. I managed to convince Carole to sell her to me and I picked her up in March as a bred ewe. She was WILD ... and jumped over two fences before I managed to get her into a barn where I knew that I could contain her.

She has tamed down and, although she doesn't come for chin scratches, she will come for cookies.

She is conformationally very correct. She is also mioget and has a very even, soft and crimpy fleece. Her fleece is the type that I am breeding for as it is a single coat, yet with length. Every year I price her fleece at three times what it is worth so that no-one will buy it ... and every year it sells first. Last year, I kept it and a friend, Lise Noakes, is spinning it and knitting it into a sweater for me.

Lise Noakes also owns 'The Yarn Source' and has my yarn ... 'The Shirt Off My Back' ... available for sale. There are 11 colours available and I am extremely pleased with the quality of the yarn. There is some nice lace weight yarn available. Feel free to contact her for pricing and additional information.

Lise Noakes

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Help With Pruning ... ;-)

Here we have my buddy, Willow Garden Box Car Willie ... deciding that he wants to do MORE to help than just cut the lawn ... he wants to prune the shrubs as well ... hehehe

Mind you, this little guy can do just about anything that he wants. He is Kate's last lamb. His dam, Dailley Kate, micron tested at 29 as a THIRTEEN year old! And Box Car, her final gift, is a mioget smirslet sokket ram, with PERFECT conformation. Looks and feels like his fleece will be every bit as fine and even as Kate's must have been when she was young.

He can eat anything that he wants ... :-))

Summer Guests at Willow Garden

Matt and I worked today to start building a shelter for the four Tamworth piglets that are due to arrive here at Willow Garden any day now. These pictures are not the actual pigs that will be coming, but they are from the same farm ... and are likely brothers and sisters, or even parents.

Tamworth pigs are grazers, and will be pastured with Oatey, my donkey (Donkey Oatie ... ;-) ... and the ram lambs once they are weaned. They are slower growing than commercial pigs, and will have darker, more flavourful, and more heavily textured meat. If this works out, I'll get four each Spring, and have them 'gone' before breeding groups are set up.

Of the four ... one will be split between my two children as part of their Christmas present, one will go into our freezer, one is being raised for Matt and his family. The fourth one will be sold for butchering.

My mouth waters at the remembrance of the smoked pork chops from the last pigs that I raised ... with my friend Doug Wetherall ... in his barn ... ;-)

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Cutting The Lawn

Well, yesterday, cutting the lawn was on my list of things to do ... along with enough other jobs to keep me busy for three days!

I found the solution. Why else do I keep all these sheep ... hehehe

Above we have WillowGarden Box Car Willie (out of Kate and Duke Ellington), working on the lawn with WillowGarden Okra (Mae West/Great Plains King Arthur)

Below we have Great Plains Skye, doing her bit to help me out ... along with WillowGarden Janis Joplin. They should finish the job today or tomorrow. Is life not grand!!?? :-)

Friday, May 12, 2006

Wind Water Asparagus ... aka ... Gus

I just got these pictures from Shauna Grey, of Wind Water Shetlands. Those of you who were at the AGM last summer will remember her as the lovely young woman, with the really cute toddler, who had pens next to me at the show.

Shauna is an expert on fleece ... and on working with fleece ... and is breeding towards finer fleeces all of the time.

This little guy ... Wind Water Asparagus, who will be known as 'Gus', is out of WillowGarden Magda Gabor and WillowGarden Luther Vandross (a EIEIO Santana/WillowGarden Humphrey Bogart son). He will come to live at Willow Garden this summer ... ;-)

I bred for conformation, colour, pattern and improved fleeces this past year and got fewer spotted lambs that I like to have. I suspect that this little guy has coformation, colour, pattern and an awesome fleece. Based on his lines, and the look of his fleece, it should be pretty darned fine and consistent. I am also sure that he is mioget, which means that he can sire ... moorit, musket, mioget, fawn, black, dark brown, emsket, shaela, and grey lambs ... depending on the ewes he is bred to. And wow ... will this guy ever throw some wildly spotted lambs into my flock once again!

Look at the next couple of pictures ... and tell me if you think that he might be katmoget. His dam was. He has such a small amount of colour that it is hard to tell ... but I think that I detect the katmoget eye flash ... or ... it is just late and I am tired ... :-)

Anyway ... Gus is as square as they come, has a nice long body, and has great fleece. I am looking forward to watching this guy grow ... and to hopefully using him for spotted lambs in 2007.

Lambing is not yet over ... and already I am buying rams for next year ... hmmm ... is there a cure for this ... Would I take a cure if there was one?

hehehe hehehe