Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The TRUE Meaning of MY Life

Yah know ... I can buy and sell and breed and AI a MILLION sheep ... and produce the best Shetland lambs ever born ... but ... they are meaningless compared to how I love and value my kids (including my kids-in-law) and Grandkids. They are the 'and Family' that makes my Willow Garden Flock have any sort of purpose.My kids and their spouses LIKE each other, which is so very cool for an old Dad to see. They went camping together one night last weekend. And, as you can see in the pictures, Will and Anna like each other as well ... :-)
Above ... Chris and Will.
And Tim and Anna
And here, strolling in the grass ... my son, Chris, with his son, Will ... and my daughter, Kate, with her daughter, Anna.
Why can't I talk about any of these pictures, and these people, without filling up with uncontrollable love ... which just becomes tears ... *sigh*.

I have become such a sentimental old fart ... but ... because of kids, kids-in-law, and grand kids ... I am SUCH a happy old fart.

Thank you for sending me the pictures Kerri ... :-)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Oh Dear ... *sigh*

Well ... remember that I said I had made on offer on three other sheep? Well ... those three ... turned into FOUR!

Two are daughters of Hattie McDaniel. She was always a favourite, out of my scurred Iris son and Bono Creal Cleome. One is a yearly that I'll use for AI. The other is a lamb out of a WillowGarden Lima son.Then I am keeping one of the ewes that I was going to sell. She is out of SheltrgPines Irene, and Bramble Nick. I will use her for AI this fall as she is exceptional.
And ... one has those funny ears from last summer ... :-). I sold off all of my BFLs, but am so drawn to the fleece and the personalities that I thought I'd give them one more chance. I'll breed her to a Shetland ram first.

These are all from Sara and Jamie at Harmony Marsh Farm. They are taking 8 of my ewes ... and bringing me 8 ewes. That is part of my flock reduction plan ... or is it?

Guess who helped by advising me on THIS one? Yup, my friend Stephen!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Thoughtful Gifts From Family ...

My daughter found this wonderful pad of note paper and decided that it was just perfect for me. It really is. Thank you, Kate!My sister and neice brought these post-it notes for me. They are also perfect. Thank you Betty and Cath!
Family is sooooo wonderful!

One More!

It is an addiction. So ... I called the person I have picked to help me get over this addiction ... that would be Stephen Rouse.And, as a result of Stephen's 'attempts' at advising me about over-coming my addiction to Shetland genetics ... I bought another lamb. She is likely modified, and is F2 Lightning. I loved her Grand-dam and her Grandsire. She is a prize.

I also made an offer on three more ... but, I'll wait until I hear back about those ones before I post pictures.

Thank you Stephen ... I think.

Actually, I likely need to find a NEW support person ... LOL

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Fruited Turkey

Friday night was my annual family 'sleep over'. Generally, this just involves a BUNCH of my relatives coming in during the afternoon ... having a supper that I provide as most are from a distance ... and then a VERY late night of chat over 'beverages'. Often there are tents all over the yard, and a house strewn with sleeping bags.
This year, in addition to the salads, I opted to roast a turkey and serve it cold. How boring I thought ... so ... I made a stuffing of ... watermelon, kiwi, peaches, apples, plums, lemons, lime juice, peach schnapps, and coconut rum. I was afraid that it might be too sweet, so I added a generous scoop of dried chili peppers. I let that 'blend' over night, poured it into the bird in the morning, and layered the breast with maple cured bacon (a trick I learned from my son).
I basted it with its own juices as it cooked. When it was done, it was a master piece. Is this not about the prettiest bird you have ever seen?

I was also VERY yummy!

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Introducing ... Bob and Doug Mackenzie

Barnie, my beloved barn cat, moved on to a new home over the winter. I have seen him in the neighbourhood, but he has not come back here for anything but a quick hunt. He left about the time I started to talk about having him neutered. ... hmmmm
Sooo ... last week I got two new kittens from a friend.
Meet Bob ...
and Doug.
Anna is TOTALLY unsure about Doug ... hehehe

Both Bob and Doug will be neutered ASAP ... but ... I won't talk about it out loud in front of them ... hehehe

Life ... is good ... :-)

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Two More New Rams

I have become obsessed with Enfield Greyling genetics! I have two F1 Greyling ewes, and last year bred with an F1 Greyling ram.

And ... I have just purchased two rams from Kathy Beleville that carry a lot of Greyling.Romyldale Firenze is F2 Greyling, F4 Greyling and F4 Holly. He also carries the polled gene.
This is Lugthart Jasper. He is F2 Greyling and F2 Holly.
These boys will come home in September ... with the other three that I have at Willow Garden South ... THANK YOU STEPHEN ... :-)