Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Wedding

On October 12th ... in Quaker-ish fashion, surrounded by our family, we married.

Catching Up ... August

Well, it has been a LONG while, but I am determined to update this blog to reflect the wonderful changes in my life!

Willow Garden Farm was sold on August 15th.
I thought that might bother me, but I sold it to a woman from BC who feels the same way about the land ... and about sustainable agriculture.  With the help of her wonderful family, they will plant trees and gardens for organic fruit and vegetable production.
It felt more like I was handing over stewardship of the farm, rather than selling it.

I MIGHT miss the sheep, but I figure there are enough friends with Willow Garden animals for me to get a 'fix' whenever I need it ... :-)

When the farm was sold, a lots of things were given away and many more things went into temporary storage.  Then I moved, with the reminder of my possessions, to Toronto (East York) to live with the man of my dreams ... Larry Tayler.