Friday, February 27, 2009

This and That ... Finally ... :-)

I'm never sure why it happens, but sometimes ... I just don't think that my life is exciting enough to blog about. That is NOT true. My life is really exciting. And if you are here, then you want to hear about it. So ... it is catch-up time.

My 16 assorted mostly rare or heritage hens are liking the longer days. About is the collection from today. Not a bad start when you figure that one of the 16 is 6 years old and 3 are 4! My neighbours and family seem pleased that 'the girls' are back at work ... :-)
I am in the midst of painting my Grandpa Flat. I was going to leave it all stark white and modern looking. It looked great ... but it didn't make me want to nestle in and fall asleep on the couch. So ... I decided to paint it all.

Luminary Yellow above ...
... Blueberry Bud ... and Terra Cotta (picture to follow).
I don't get to see Anna as often since she moved to Belleville with her parents, so ... I was thrilled when Kate called and asked if they could stop in for a couple of hours today while they waited for a Doctor's appointment.
Pete let Anna play with his cell phone ... so Anna was in HEAVEN ... and busy enough that she didn't touch the wet paint ... :-)

Lambs start in about 23 days ... hehehe

Monday, February 09, 2009

Will Visits Belleville

On Sunday, Will, the most beautiful little boy in the world, came with his Mom and Dad to visit Anna at her new house. By the time Grandpa got his camera out, Anna had gone for a MUCH needed nap. She was a BUSY girl over the weekend what with moving out of Grandpa's house and then into her own new house.
I digress ... Is Will not a beautiful little boy? I love him to BITS!
Sydney was not sure about the move, or all of the people in this strange place which is now her home.
Will found a way to settle her and help her relax ... hehehe
Obviously Syd was happy once the effects of the beer kicked in, as she 'reclined' on her Dad, Tim.

It was a FUN day. These folks will be happy in their new house. But ... I know that Anna will miss her Grandpa being in her basement.

Hmmm ... There IS a rather nice second floor sun porch on the back of the house. I wonder how many sheep I could keep in their back yard if I just moved in THERE. I'll bet that Anna would like it ... hehehe.

Sunday, February 01, 2009


Pete and I offered to babysit Anna last night so that Kate and Tim could have a quality evening out. They move again this coming weekend so they will get busy at their new house ... and won't have Grandpa living in their basement.

Anna LOVES phones and was thrilled when Pete let her play with his cell phone! She didn't make TOO many long distance calls, but seemed to want to talk to Nan and Grumps. Pete was glad that she didn't make THAT call ... ;-)
Anna joined us for a before dinner drink. Stongbow, with its can that clicks when you squeeze it was her beverage of choice from the recycling bin ... hehehe.
She waited patiently while Grandpa got the Taco ingredients ready. Of course, hers was the very mild (no spice) version.
Anna enjoyed her supper. She became impatient waiting for adults to 'spoon' her food to her ... so ... she took things into her own hands ... hehehe

When Anna moves into her new house next weekend ... she WILL find the basement MUCH less interesting ... ;-)