Sunday, February 24, 2008

What I Did On The Weekend!

Kate, Anna, and I went to Toronto to visit with Will and his parents. February 24th is my son's 33rd birthday. Strange ... but in two years ... he and I will be the same age ... hehehe.My nephew Mark and his wife Angela brought nine month old Claire over to visit with Will and Anna. It was TRULY baby heaven ... :-)
Will is almost ready to take off crawling ... and sure knows how to roll around.

Anna had fun playing with Will's farm animal collection. She has the same animals at home in her collection.

Claire ... was thrilled to get to sit on the couch with the 'big people'. What a smile on that little charmer ... ;-)
Will and Anna had fun together ... until Anna cried. Every time Anna cried ... so did Will! Then Anna would stop ... and Will would still be crying, so Anna would start up again. I am hoping that this 'routine' will be short lived ... LOL

And here are a couple of pictures of 'my boys' ... Christopher William ... and William Elliot.
It was a WONDERFUL birthday celebration! Happy Birthday Chris! I love you.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Anna - Valentine's day

I have not done a good job of keeping up my blog. For that I am sorry. There is just so much whirling around in my life right now that I need to deal with ... and I am.

In the mean time ... This little doll is Anna on Valentine's Day.

This weekend I am going to spend some time with Will. And THIS time ... I WILL take my camera ... :-)

I love these two babies ... and the parents who produced them ... :-) At this point in my life, the babies and their parents ... make it all worthwhile ... and keep me going ... ;-)

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The Most Beautiful Little Boy in the World!

With weather ... and work ... and changes in my life (which I'll elaborate on further in the near future) ... I haven't been to see Will for a few weeks. My Daughter-in-Law Kerri (who I love beyond words), sent me these pictures of my Grandson.
And of course, I cried! He is just the most BEAUTIFUL little boy in the world! I miss him so much ... and hope that he never forgets who his Grandpa is ... and that his Grandpa loves him.
I am hoping for a visit next Monday afternoon ... which is a day off from work ... :-)