Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Possible Purchase

I just spoke with Anna and her Mom on the phone ... and Anna said that I could buy her and she'd come and live here ... but she would cost a LOT of money. Hmmm ... how much would be too much? ... I mean ... she DOES have a pink nose, which is usually a factor when I purchase ... oh those would be sheep.


Friday is my daughter Kate's birthday. And Anna's Nan and Grumps from Australia arrive tomorrow. I think I'll have to wait a while before I can buy her away ... :-)

Life is good!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

WillowGarden Hattie McDaniel

This ewe is WillowGarden Hattie McDaniel ... S18039. At the 2005 AGM, as a yearling, she was chosen as the sheep that most resembled the ewes in the original importation by Colonel Dailley ... by Carole Precious (Dailley) and Linda Doane. She remains a favourite in my flock.

Extension Dominant Ewes

I have 6 extension dominant ewes in my flock. I can't bring myself to cull them! I did cull an ED lamb this year because her fleece was so awful, but these ones just make me smile.

The three moorits are all 2007 Todhill Glayva daughters ... Guinea, Kagera, and Zambia. All three of them are Ab/Aa as their actual genotype.

The two mature blacks are out of Todhill Hornblower ... Nubia and Lake Victoria. they are actually white or grey.

There is one yearling that is a out of a Karera and WillowGarden Twist (Awt/Ab).

WillowGarden Guinea is my favourite ... :-)

My Cows

These are my five cows. They each bring their own strengths to the herd. They are a calm and gentle group. Even Faith who had a frightening start to life here, has quietened down nicely and trusts us.

I love my Dexters!
Valean's Marjori is bred for a late May calf. She was a bottle baby and raised by a young girl, so she is dog tame, and my Grandkids favourite. I will test her to see if she is a Chondro carrier. If she is, I'll just test all of her calves. She will stay until my Grandkids say that I can sell her ... :-)
I love this old girl, Valean's Faith. She is 16 years old and lost her calf this year to coyotes before she came to me. She is also bred for a late May calf. She is taller than the rest of my cows, but has produced lots of shorter calves. She will live here, with lots of TLC, for as long as she is able.
Amber Dawn's Ramona is 5 years old and bred for an early June calf. She will be de-horned in December. I like her a lot. She is Sir Loin's dam!
Seven Oaks Honeybun is an awesome cow. She is also bred for an early June calf. She is 12 years old, but sure doesn't look it.
I think that Aldebaran Hollis has become my favourite cow. She is also 12 years old and in great shape. She is Xavier's dam and will be bred via AI for a July calf.

Dexter Boys

Above and below is Whiskey Jack at 13 months. I don't think that I'll use him again, so he will be neutered and de-horned so that he can stay with the main flock until he is 'ready' (23 to 27 months).
This is Sir Loin at 6 months. He came to me already neutered. I wish that he hadn't been! I like him a lot. He, too, will be de-horned and then be able to stay with the main herd until he is 'ready'.

Xavier ... and Hollis' Udder

Xavier is 25 days old today and looking good to me! I love his dam more and more every day. She is so calm and quiet to work around!
There is a bit of mud around, which doesn't seem to bother Xavier. He is such a boy ... :-)
Here he is glistening in the sun ... in a dry patch of the paddock.
The next three pictures are for cow friends who wanted to see pictures of Hollis' udder attachment. To me, it is a perfect udder ... and on a 12 year old cow. She is a gem ... :-)

Life is good!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Updated Sale List ... Sold Out for 2010

I currently have 5 ewes and ewe lambs on my sale list. These girls represent very diverse genetics and would make an ideal starter flock. The prices are already reasonable ... but I would sell all 5 as a package for $1000.
WillowGarden Kitchener ... a 2010 black katmoget ewe lamb, out of V Creek Leo and WillowGarden Gin ... $250 ... SOLD
Firbre Works Highwood ... a 2006 mioget flecket ewe, out of Valley Road Jarrett and Fibre Works Glissande ... $250 ... SOLD
HarmonyMarsh Arya, a 2009 black gulmoget katmoget smirslet, sokket ewe, out of HarmonyMarsh Roosevelt and HarmoneyMarsh Astrid ... $250 ... SOLD
WillowGarden Ameliasburgh ... a 2010 emsket, krunet ewe lamb, out of V Creek Leo and HarmonyMarsh Autumn ... no longer for sale (I felt her fleece ... :-)
WillowGarden Adella ... a 2008 yuglet sokket ewe, out of WillowGarden Killimanjaro and Sheltrng Pines Zimblestern ... $250 ... SOLD

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I've Gotta Get More Organised!

This was sent to me by my dear friend, Jill. I LOVE IT!!

Why Dinosaurs Are Extinct

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Architecture in Kate's Yellowknife Neighbourhood

Kate and Tim live in the 'Old Town' section of Yellowknife ... and right on the lake. Here are some of the buildings in their neighbourhood.
I LOVE the houseboats! Most were brightly painted and just looked like fun places to live!

The Wildcat Cafe, Yellowknife's oldest restaurant, is right across the street from Kate and Tim's apartment building. We ate breakfast there.

Below is Kate and Tim's apartment building. They are on the second floor, left side when you are facing the building.
This is a pretty ordinary looking house, but look closely at the roof. Apparently, that dog is there most of the time!
In 'Old Town' there is very little flat land, and a LOT of rock. Houses are build anywhere folks can establish footings, or so it seems. Pretty interesting architecture to make the most of terrain, view, and LIGHT!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Yearling Heifers

My heifers were going to be kept at a friend's farm, but a change in plans has them staying here for the winter. Once the bull comes out from being with the cows, then the cows and heifers will winter in a new, larger paddock, on higher ground and gravel ... so that the mud will be less of a problem ... :-).

There are four heifers here at the moment. All are Fall 2009 calves ...

Petit Sabot Winka ...
Petit Sabot Whiskers ...
Valean Kerra's Promise ...
and Valean Faith's Joy. I may end up selling Joy in order to keep my cow numbers down.

My Small Herd of Cows

There will be five cows wintering at Willow Garden this year. All are being bred to our new young bull, Luciole Whiskey Jack.
... Aldebaran Hollis and her calf, Xavier ...
Valean's Marjori, a favourite with my grandkids ...
Seven Oaks Honeybun, an amazing cow with a strong hind end ...
Amber-Dawn Ramona, a Honeybun granddaughter ...
and Valean's Faith, a 16 year old cow with some awesome older genetics behind her.

Monday, September 06, 2010

Art Purchases

Today, I bought two paintings by my friend Brandy Gale. It is interesting that I call her a friend ... since she was really just a 'facebook friend' ... who puts so much of herself 'out there' that folks just KNOW her.
I fell in love with these two fairly small paintings (remember the size of my Grandpa Flat!). They are sooo Brandy! ... with the brilliant colours ... the bold strokes that each tell a story ... and the fun and love that is in each piece!
What do I know from art ... other than that I LOVE this young woman ... and her art!

Check her out ... BRANDY GALE

Tell her that Bill sent you ... :-)

Life is good ... and even more so now that I am living with two pieces of Brandy's work ... :-)

Zoo Date!

Yesterday, I had the chance for a 'zoo date' with my favourite two kids in all of Ontario ... Will and Sloane ... and their parents, Chris and Kerri. I JUMPED at the chance!
Above is my little boy, Chris ... all grown up ... with his little boy, Will ... growing up fast!
Here is Will sitting on an elephant statue.
What a cute little girl Sloane has grown into!
And here are the two beauties of the family ... Kerri ... and Sloane ... both looking radiant ... :-)