Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Today's Message From the Universe ... :-)

Some folks are already wondering whether or not you're "for real," Bill. 

Same thing happened to all the other legends. 

They'll see,
    The Universe

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Chicken For Sale!

I have for sale, heritage breed chicken, free range raised with a natural diet on a farm that places a focus on sustainable agriculture. These birds are this year's crop and went through Government inspected processing. These are NOT the regular, modern meat birds ... these are heritage birds with less white meat and a darker 'dark' meat. Their flavour is divine ... BUT ... I have 60 of them ... and not even MY family will eat that many in a year ... :-)

I have several rooster left whole that weight 3 1/2 to 5 pounds at $3.75/lb. I also have MANY bagged 'parts' ... whole breasts, 1 per bag at $5.50/lb ... thighs, 4 per package, at $5.50/lb ... two drumsticks and two wings (without tips) per bag, at $5.50/lb ... and meaty chicken backs (GREAT for broth), 5 per bag, at $2.25/lb.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Willow Garden Dexters ... the Downsized Herd ... :-)

I have retained what I think are the best of the best of my Dexters as well.  All are A2/A2 and free of Chondro and PHA.  My goal is to keep just two adult cows.
 This is my polled bull imported from Carol Koller in New York State ... Midhill Ziek.  Besides being polled and A2/A2, he also carries dun from his sire.  Ziek was a year old on May 30th.  He is maturing into a wonderful herd sire with a mellow disposition!  I am thrilled with him and can't wait to see his calves this winter!
T-bone is available to hang out with Ziek when he needs to be away from his girls.  He will also be in our freezer around May, 2012.
 Petit Sabot Winka is a wonderful heifer.  She is 39-ish" tall at 23 months.  She is due to calve this winter, likely in early March.  Although she is more 'stand-offish', I hope to milk her once she calves.
Petit Sabot Whiskers is about 38-ish" tall at 22 months ... and my favourite!  She is bred to Ziek for a January calf.  She is dog tame and will likely be a good milker.
Here are Whiskers and Winka together.  Pictures like this tell me that I kept the right two cows ... :-)
And here are my three registered, A2/A2 Dexter cattle ... the beginning of my herd ... Willow Garden Dexters!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Willow Garden ... the Down Sized Flock ... :-)

It feels so good to have taken control of my life once again!  I have sold many wonderful sheep, some of whom were old friends ... and I am down to six ewes and three ewe lambs that I will be keeping.

The selection process was difficult, but I did my best to be sure that all of the best rams that I imported are represented in what is staying here.

Here they are ... my Willow Garden flock ... 
 WillowGarden Ottawa ... a black ewe out of WillowGarden Macaroon (a Bramble Nick daughter) ... and North Wind Holiday
 WillowGarden Ameliasburgh ... a modified black ewe out of HarmonyMarsh Autumn (genetics from the best that Harmony Marsh produced, IMHO) ... and V Creek Leo (about the nicest ram I ever owned)
 WillowGarden Bloomfield ... a black gulmoget katmoget, out of WillowGarden Snickertini (heavily line bred on Enfield Greyling) ... and V creek Leo
WillowGarden Jean Harlowe ... a moorit yuglet flecket katmoget ewe, out of HarmonyMarsh Lilly ( again, genetics from the best that Harmony Marsh produced, IMHO) ... and North Wind Holiday.  This lamb was born the night that Gene passed away.  Shortly after he died, I went out to check my sheep and this lamb was there.  She is a total pet that can undo most any gate ... really annoying.  I keep threatening to sell her ... but I can't just yet ... :-)
 WillowGarden Kanata ... a fawn (modified colour) gulmoget katmoget ewe, out of Spring Water Eve (many of finest ram lines that I imported from the US and the UK) ... and Wintertime Red Velvet (an AWESOME, fine fleeced ram)
Nier Lakes 315405977 AI ... a white / katmoget ewe out of a Nier Lakes ewe with Whistlestop genetics ... and Todhill Glayva (semen imported from Scotland)
WillowGarden Gale Force ... a black gulmoget katmoget out of  WillowGarden Bloomfield ... and WillowGarden Clinton (Todhill Glayva grandson out of  Lil'Country Greyson)

WillowGarden Cheery  ... a black Ag gulmoget out of WillowGarden Collingwood (another Red Velvet daughter) ... and   WillowGarden Clinton (Todhill Glayva grandson out of  Lil'Country Greyson)

Bueulah, a Cormo / cross ewe lamb out of WillowGarden Guinea (F1 Glayva extension dominant ewe) ... and a purebred Cormo ram, Douglas.

Besides these nine sheep, there will be some assistants ... Doug, our orange cat ... and his brother Bob, who was not around for the photo shoot today ... will continue with 'rat patrol'.
 All of the sheep will stay in one group and be protected by Bonnie, who is the best LG dog that I have ever had.
 I'll try to get pictures of the ram I will use to breed my tiny flock tomorrow.  He'll move to a new farm December 1st, so there will just be the nine females and Bonnie over the winter ... :-)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Starter Flock For Sale! ... SOLD!

This is a 'priced to sell' deal, not to be missed.
 I have three yearling ewes, and three ewe lambs for sale as a group.  These girls are all from my 'Keeper' list.
 They include a nice variety in colour and pattern and all carry spots.
Use of a ram for the season is included in this package.

Congratulations Judith!

Monday, September 05, 2011

Surplus to My Needs!!... SOLD

I have a Sydell sheep handling system that is surplus to my needs.
 It consists of nine 8' panels (one with a drop down side for easier de-worming, etc) ... two man sized gates ...
 a quiotine drop gate ... a sliding gate ... two 'chute' panels with a double gate in each one ... 
 a head gate with two side gates as well as the head gate ... 

 Sorting options with this system were awesome!
 I also have 21 lamb jug panels, which is enough to build 10 efficient and secure jugs ... 
 three 8' grain feeder ... a sheep cradle ... 
 two 6 sided small hay feeders ... 
and three 4' feeders that hang over a fencing board to keep mineral and salt clean.

This equipment is in reasonable shape and needs to be gone ASAP.  Best offer close to $900 this week ... takes it all.  I wanna tell you ... this surely made sheep handing a breeze!!

Friday, September 02, 2011

Ideal Family Milking Cow ... SOLD

 I have one Dexter heifer for sale out of very milky lines.  She tested A2/A2 and is bred to a POLLED bull that also tested A2/A2.  She is 'pasture bred' and due to calve in Feb / Mar / Apr.  Her calf will be A2/A2 and there is a 50% chance it will be polled.  She is Chondro and PHA free and will not likely be much over 40" when full grown.  She is currently about 39" tall at 18 months.  She is a lovely little Dexter; very typical of the breed.  She has a calm and gentle disposition and should make an ideal Family Milking Cow. 

Since she is proven to be a cow that will produce A2/A2 milk, and since she is bred to the only polled Dexter bull in Ontario (I imported him from New York State) and since the bull is also proven to be A2/A2 ... I am asking $1400 for her, but am open to offers.

I also have a 17 month old steer available as a companion animal, but he is NO LONGER FOR SALE!