Sunday, September 09, 2012

The Shetlands Are Gone From Willow Garden

The last of my Shetlands left Willow Garden today.

Willow Garden Oliver Twist
Willow Garden Artful Dodger
Willow Garden Jean Harlowe

It isn't sad as it is part of my moving on.  But it does seem weird after 12 years where Shetlands were a huge focus in my life ... to now have none!  I wish that I'd been able to share tonight with Gene ... but I am sure that he was there.  Approving.

A HUGE thank you to my friend Cathy Gallivan for taking Jean.  I couldn't sell this ewe ... but also couldn't keep her.  So Cathy came to the rescue ... :-)

Life is good!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Sign Is Up!

The sign went up today!  Willow Garden is officially for sale.
These are the pictures that I took for the listing ...
 ... from the road
 ... front porch
 ... rear deck
 ... back of house
... raised garden
 ... dining room 
 ... kitchen
 ... dining room to living room
 ... living room to front hall
  ... living room from front hall
 ... master bedroom ... above and below

... spare room above and below

 ... bathroom 
 ... apartment bedroom
 ... apartment dining room
... apartment kitchen 
 ... apartment living room
... looking across apartment living room
 ... barns 
 ... stable with milking stall
 ... new run - in
 ... looking back the length of the farm
... looking forward from the middle of the farm
... under the apple trees
 ... old fence row
... old stone wall
 ... creek bed
WATER ... even in this drought ... :-)

Here's hoping that it sells quickly.
My plan is to move to Picton ... :-)

Life is good!

Friday, July 27, 2012

The Galloping Goat

Well, I have been pretty quiet on here during the month of July!
I've been really busy sprucing this place up to sell ... and working lots so that I have the cash to pay others to do the jobs that I don't want to do ... :-)

Lesley, the owner of the shop where I work, runs an art camp in July, so I get pretty much full time hours this month ... woo hoo!
The shop is called Galloping Goat.  I LOVE working there ... and Otis gets to come to work with me ... :-)
Folks are always in a great mood when they enter the shop as the doors of the Barn are cover with 'joke' signs.  I LOVE to listen to the laughter as they read the signs out loud.  I never tire of that.
The shop is jam packed with eclectic and very cool stuff! 
 This is the toy section, complete with toys that were around when I was a kid ... and THAT was a few years ago ... :-)
 We have a 50% off table, which is always fun ... 
 ... and lots of jewelry

Above and below are the views when you walk through the barn doors.  It almost over powers the senses! 

 Upstairs there is a large inventory of funky clothes ... in sizes for skinny teens ... AND fuller figured, more mature beauties ... ;-)
Lots of accessories as well!

... and a back room full of treasures. 
I LOVE this shop ... and both Otis and I feel blessed to be able to work here ... :-)

Here are some of my favourite signs from the shop ... :-)