Friday, November 28, 2008

Will ... Bad Hair Days ... hehehe

My son sent these to me ...
... along with this quote from his email ...
... "Note: I did not put the ponytails in.....that happened at daycare. ha ha....."

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Anna ... Aussie Marsupial Baby? ... hehehe

Here is a picture of Anna and I when she was here 'trick or treating'. She, of course, got a treat ... ;-)

Friday, November 21, 2008

Leo's Group

V Creek Leo is a Dillon Gulmoget without the side fading that so many of the Dillan Guls have. He is out of Maureen Koch's breeding, but I bought him from Cynthia at Firth of Fifth farm. His sire is V Creek Von Diesel and his dam is Justalit'l Hollypop. Both of those lines are heavily influenced by UK genetics. He is not a big boy, but I like him.

He has just 4 ewes in his group. Below is Dailley Iris. I am still waiting for a perfect daughter to keep from her. Actually, I had one two years ago, but I sold her to my friend Nicole Heath ... *sigh*.Great Plains Isabell, an F1 Greyling is also in with Leo, in hopes of a double patterned ram to use on my extension dominant girsls next year.

The other ewes in with Leo are ewe lambs ... HarmonyMarsh Ariel and HarmonyMarsh November. These are ewes that are out of stock that I sold to Sara and Jamie Scholtes. Sara worked some sort of magic with the sheep that I sold her, and produced some amazing animals ... :-)

Shake's Group

WillowGarden Shake is an Ag katmoget, out of WillowGarden Vistabella (F2 Greyling / F2 Minder) and Lugthart Starry Champion (F1 Greyling). Since he is double patterned, I have put him with all nine of my extension dominant ewes.
The ewes in his group are all katmoget, gulmoget, or white ... but APPEAR to be Aa moorit or black due to extension dominance. Any lambs that are katmoget of Ag will NOT be extention dominant and can be kept.

I'm looking forward to great things from Shake! His brother, Dash, is still available for purchase.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Lassig's Group

FirthofFirth has a smaller group. Don't take that to mean that I like him less. To touch his fleece always makes me gasp at it's softness. He broke a horn, but ... who cares! He is a Winter Sky Black Forrest son ... and a gentle, gentleman.
  • Gin ... a fawn Katmoget ewe lamb out of Kagera AI and V Creek Hummer
  • Grenadine ... a grey katmoget out of Kazinga AI and Hummer
  • Kazinga ... an Ag fawn katmoget F1 out of Todhill Glayva
  • Opal ... a dark grey katmoget out of Linyanti AI and Hummer
  • Schnapps ... a moorit ewe lamb out of Great Plains Sylvia (F1 Greyling) and Nelson AI (F1 Todhill Hornblower)
  • Snickertini ... a grey katmoget/gulmoget out of Great Plaind Isabell (F1 Greyling) and V Creek Hummer
I have a LOT of katmogets in my flock due to AIing with Glayva and I'm hoping for some non-katmoget lambs out of this group. And, of course, they will ALL be awesome ... ;-)

Breeding Groups Have Started

FirthofFifth Aman has a group of 12 ewes with him.
  • Chocolatini ... a horned fawn katmoget ewe lamb out of SheltrgPines Irene and Underhill Thelonius Monk
  • Liberia AI ... a yearling fawn katmoget out of Dorethy Lamour and Todhill Glayva
  • Olive ... a dark grey katmoget ewe lamb out of Great Plains Joanne and Killimanjaro AI (F1 Glayva)
  • Viliraf Plum ... an older grey ewe out of some wonderful Cherrington genetics
  • Hopeful Sarah ... a cute grey katmoget/gulmoget ewe lamb out of Michele Minty's flock
  • Smirnoff ... a smirslet flecket sokket Tisket gulmoget ewe lamb
  • Tobasco ... a fawn smirslet sokket fawn katmoget ewe lamb out of FirthofFifth Masala Chai and Killimanjaro (this sweetie is my friend Pete's favourite ... :-)
  • Ameratto ... a mioget katmoget ewe lamb out of Ambrosia (emsket) and Killimanjaro
  • Great Plains Tulip ... mother of Tisket and a double F2
  • Great Plains Sylvia ... a nine year old F1 Greyling mioget musket ewe
  • Billie Holliday ... a smirslet sokket Tisket gulmoget
  • Macaroon ... a white ewe lamb out of Great Plains Sara (F1 Lightning) and Brable Nick
I can hardly WAIT to see these lambs ... :-)

Friday, November 07, 2008

IKEA ... one of many Loves in My Life ... :-)

A few weeks ago, I picked up a couple of black swans to deliver to a friend in Quebec. It was quite an adventure ... one likely worthy of a separate blog entry someday. BUT ... as part of the adventure, the swans and I made a detour to IKEA to pick up a few things. I had more fun than they did, I am sure ... hehehe

Last Friday, My friend Michele and I decided to meet half way and do a sheep swap. AND ... as luck would have it, Michele agreed that the IKEA parking lot was half way for us both ... :-)
So ... we did the sheep exchange there ... and then my friend Pete and I went shopping ... ;-)
There are signs all over that parking lot saying that it is 'under video surveillance'. If that truly is the case, I expect that the person who watches the monitor has had some interesting stories to tell at the end of some days ... hehehe