Thursday, February 24, 2011

Iris Granddaughters

In early Spring of 2003, I found Iris in the Dailley flock.  Actually, I think that Iris found ME!
She was a wild thing when I brought her home and went over several fences within her first hour on the farm.
 Iris was a beautiful colour and had a distinctive look/stance about her.
 Over the years, she mellowed and we become friends.  She knew that she was my favourite, and responded to this by ALMOST acting like she cared a bit about me.
 She had many lambs, but only gave me one daughter ... which I sold to someone who begged to buy her because of her emsket colour.
 Iris passed away toward the end of last summer.  She had always singled, but in her last year she had twin ram lambs that she lost to coyotes.  She was never herself after that.
She had an AWESOME fleece!
I have a lot of her genetics in my flock ... including these three granddaughters.  You sure can see the resemblance to Iris!  All three of these girls are bred to HarmonyMarsh DaVinci, a spotted emsket ram.
They are due to lamb in about two weeks.  What a great way to start into the 2011 lambing season!
Life is good!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

I Stopped Thinking and Just Did It!

Today's message from The Universe helped ... :-)

Just curious, Bill, but when was the last time you
relied upon me? You know, consciously realized
you weren't alone as you went about your daily
affairs, choosing a path, finding a parking space,
or a new friend, or a great idea... and expected,
at least, a little something? 


Well, let's just say we do it more often.

    The Universe

I pick it up tomorrow at 2 PM.  It will LIKELY be paid for before I am 100 years old ... but the loan is life insured kids, so not to worry ... ;-)

PS ... it is very big ... and very butch ... and very macho ... but it does NOT mean that I am compensating for 'issues' with ANY body part ... LOL


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Just Thinking ... Until I Decide Tomorrow

As I say ... just thinking ... but ... CHEAP financing ... four wheel drive ... easy trailering ... and BLACK, which is a colour that I look GOOD in ... :-)

Will keep you all posted.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ugly Dog's Farm Pandamonium (Panda) - Natural Colored Merino

 Coming to Willow Garden on February 28th!
 Thank you to Wayne and Rich of Ugly Dog Farm ... for letting me buy this boy ... for producing him ... for taking such good care of him ... for taking these pics on a busy weekend ... and for putting up with my DEMANDING nature throughout the process ... :-)

Welcome Dude ... I LOVE pink noses ... hehehe

Life is good!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Someone Yell at Me and Tell Me 'NO!"

My DEAR friend, Liz ... keeps sending me pictures of this young cow.  The more I look at her and her pedigree ... the more I like her.  BUT ... she is bred to a horned bull ... and ... oh yah ... I have SPENT all my money on a new ram and a new bull ... :-)

I forgot to add that, at the moment, she is not even for sale ... but then neither Hollis nor Petula were for sale when I bought them ... :-)

GREAT looking young dun Dexter heifer, though, eh!!?!

Stew - Approaching Three Weeks Old

 I'm liking him more all the time.
 This weekend I'll get get some tail hairs to test for colour and A2 status.
 If he continues to grow as he is so far, I might be looking for a 'forever' name for him ... :-)

Green Eggs and Ham!

Breakfast today ... ham from my own Berkshire hog, and my own green eggs.

Life is good!

PS ... I was reminded by a Primary Teacher friend of mine, that the Dr.'s birthday is March 2nd.  Lets ALL have green eggs and ham on THAT day ... :-)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

New Ram ... Coming Feb. 28th

 I've posted these pictures before, but the are the most recent that I have ... hint, hint, Rich ... ;-).
He is a spotted, coloured merino with an awesome fleece and great conformation.
 I LOVE this boy, and will breed him to a handful of my older ED Shetlands ewes next Fall ... and then follow-up with him over my Cormo / Shetland offspring the following year.
I'm pretty excited about getting Panda home to Canada ... :-).

Cows That Left Last Weekend

 Last weekend, my neighbours (friends) helped me deliver cows to a lovely couple near Cardinal, ON.
 The cows are Marjori, a short-legged bred cow, and Joy and Promise, who are yearlings.
 As you can see, they are getting to be terribly spoiled at their new home!
Enjoy then Adrian and Marilyn!

And thanks for sending the pictures!

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Willow Garden Son of Sam

This picture came from my friend Charlotte.  This is Xavier, who has had his name changed to Son of Sam.  It is nice to see him so loved.  He has a good home ... and I'll get to visit ... :-)