Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Handling Set-Up - Thank You Carol Arthur!

Well ... on the weekend Matt and I caught all of the sheep, wormed them and gave CDT shots as needed. It was a TREAT with this handling set-up ... which came to me from Carol Arthur. Below is the section that I use to get everyone into a smaller area. I use a hog panel as a swing gate. The gates shown below just make it easier for shepherds to get where they want/need to be. The sheep are pretty used to the chute and go through it with little hesitation. I didn't use the head gate (pictured at the bottom) this time, but that small area was perfect to needle and evaluate two lambs at a time. The side gates make it easy to sort sheep into three areas. The canapy was my brain wave ... and the can of beer just is there to indicate how HOT it was while we worked through everyone.

Who Is This Fat Old Man ... AND What Has He Done With Bill!

Well ... I have a job for next Fall!

When I retired from teaching in June 2005, I knew that I'd need to supply teach to live the life style that I am accustomed to. BUT ... being a substitute teacher and a farmer is NOT a great mix. When I get a call at 7 AM to work at 9 AM, it is already too late as I am likely in the middle of doing chores.

For the past two years I have been fortunate enough to get Long Term Occasional Contracts to teach for two or three days a week ... every week. It has been a perfect set-up. And both years, those LTOs where with very high needs 'special' young people. I have learned more about life and love in two years of working with these young people than I ever dreamed there was to learn. The job, these young people ... and the Educational Assistance who worked along side me ... are a gift in my life ... one that has been life-altering, in a positive way.

That job is not available next Fall.

BUT ... I got a call on Monday offering me a 40% teaching job working with YOUNGER Autistic and Developmentally Disabled children. I am sooooo looking forward to it ... and I think that at least some of my EA staff from this year will make the move with me.
One of the things needed for the new job was to send in a picture of ME ... to help the students with the transition next Fall.
Apparently these are excellent pictures ... but my question remains ...

Monday, June 04, 2007

Ram Lambs For Sale

Well ... here it is ... my list of ram lambs that will be for sale. I am keeping 10 for myself ... and culling all of the rest! I get pickier every year ... ;-)
WillowGarden Barbary, a grey yuglet flekket katmoget ram lamb, out of Bluff Country Mikaela (AFD at 4 years - 30.23) and Wind Water Asparagus (AFD ast 5 months - 25.31). This ram will be finer and smaller than Chad (Grace's boy), but will be every bit as correct and even. He will throw flash! $400 - SOLD
WillowGarden Egypt, a white ram lamb, out of EIEIO Santana (AFD at 7 years old - 31.8) and WillowGarden Harcourt, a white katmoget ram (AFD at 5 months - 25.43). Although smaller in size and fine boned, this guy is VERY correct and has the type of fleece that I like. He is also carrying modified colour genetics. $400 - SOLD
WillowGardeb Faso, an F1 fawn katmoget ram lamb out of WillowGarden Dorethy Lamour (AFD at 3 years - 30.64) and Todhill Glayva (AFD at 6 years - 25.9). Dam is a yuglet flecket so Faso is carrying spots and could easily throw flashy, spotted katmogets. This guy is one of only TWO F1 rams that I am selling this year! $550
WillowGarden Kalahari, a fawn smirslet katmoget ram lamb, out of smirslet flekket WillowGarden Janis Joplin (AFD at 3 years - 32) and Todhill Glayva (AFD at 6 years - 25.9). This is the second of only TWO F1 rams that will be offered for sale this year.
WillowGarden Carthage, a modified moorit (fawn?) gulmoget, out of WillowGarden Joan Crawford (AFD at 3 years - 31.9) and Dailley Ray Charles, emsket ram (AFD at 2 years - 33). This guy has an even fleece in a colour that is changing daily. He is a good chance to add conformation, even-ness of fleece, modified colours, and the gulmoget pattern to your flock. $400
WillowGarden Zambesi, a black/white smirslet (near yuglet) sokket ram lamb, out of WillowGarden Memphis Minnie (AFD at 2 years - 27.6) and Dailley Kismet (AFD at 6 years - 30.65). This guy will have great conformation, a decent fleece and will add flash to any breeding program. $400
WillowGarden Basil, a yearling dark fawn katmoget ram out of WillowGarden Eva Gabor and Wind Water Sean O'Sullivan. Basil's AFD at five months was 22.52. This guy is very correct and well mannered. He will make a great flock sire! $400

SheltrgPines Bassa, a moorit ram lamb, out of Lugthart Goldthread (F2 Greenholme Holly) and Bramble Nick (F2 Enfield Greyling, F3 Greenholme Holly, F2 Willowcroft Jamie). This guy is very correct and offers lots of genetics not currently common in the Canadian Shetland flock. $400 - SOLD
WillowGarden Chad, a mioget yuglet flekket katmoget ram lamb, out of WillowGarden Grace Kelly (AFD at 2 years - 25.4) and Wind Water Asparagus (AFD at 5 months - 25.31). This guy will have size, a soft even fleece, and great conformation. He is a promising flock sire for anyone looking for conformation, fleece, and flash! $400
WillowGarden Sudan, a mioget ram lamb, out of Dailley Iris (AFD at 3 years - 28.81) and Dailley Kismet (AFD at 6 years - 30.65). This ram is out of two of my most correct Shetlands. He is a sure-fire winner as a flock sire! $400 - SOLD

Friday, June 01, 2007

Grand BabIES Update ... :-)

First of all ... let me share with you the latest pictures of my first grand child ... due to be born in October. This little one will be born to my son and daughter-in-law ... Chris and Kerri. The baby STILL has my belly ... hehehe
Now for the NEW news. My daughter, Kate, and son-in-law Tim, are having my SECOND grand child in December!! And yesterday, Kate called to say that she got to hear the heartbeat when she was at the Doctor's for her three month check up! Makes me get goose bumps ... :-)

These two new gifts, are helping me to refocus on what is, and will be, truly important in my life. Everything else that doesn't bring me this kind of joy ... needs to be let go ... and that will be my focus until the babies are really here ...

I will focus on the joy in my life ... :-)

(Feel free to remind me of this focus, should you think I have forgotten it ... hehehe)