Friday, October 28, 2011

Old Man's Wood Stove ... :-)

Well ... it was installed today in our living room.  It is controlled by a digital thermostat that adjusts the temperature based on the time of day.  The picture doesn't do the fire appearance justice at all ... and it can surely heat up the main part of the house in a hurry.  Propane is so awesome ... :-)

Life is good!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Reminder ... From the Universe ... :-)

If you can dream it, Bill, we can do it. 

Notice the "you" and "we" bits, and where they apply? 

    The Universe

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Pics From a Glorious Thanksgiving Weekend!

These are the people in my life who make me TRULY thankful ... :-)
 Anna and Jamie, with Will in the background
 Anna and Will
 Kate, Tim, Anna and Jamie
Chris, Kerri, Will and Sloane 
Will and Jamie

Life IS good!

Saturday, October 08, 2011

Look Who Survived Thanksgiving ... :-)

Bet they don't survive Christmas ... ;-)

T-Bone Update

This is T-Bone at about 19 months.  He'll be with us until it is time for cattle to go to pasture next Spring.  At that time, he'll be about 27 months old, and he'll head for the freezer.

Winka Update

 Petit Sabot Winka is pretty special as well ... in my humble opinion ... :-)
 She is a month older than Whiskers and is due to calve in early March, at 28 months.
 She won't stand to be groomed in the pasture, but she does not run away when approached.

Whiskers Update

 Petit Sabot Whiskers is my favourite of my two cows.  She is beautiful ... and dog tame.  I can groom her in the pasture as well.
 She is 22 months old right now ... 
 ... and will calve in early February at 26 months.  I am getting eager to start milking her ... :-)

Ziek Update

 Midhill Ziek is now 16 months old and starting to fill out.  I am still liking him a lot.  He is friendly and gentle and will stand to be groomed in the pasture.
 I am pretty anxious to see his calves this winter.  Of course, I am hoping for polled heifers ... in dun would be a bonus ... :-)
 But whatever I get will be exciting ... and A2/A2!
 I am thinking that I will likely collect him so I can use him again in the future.  If I do collect him, it will only be so that I can use the semen here on my own farm.  Of course, we'll have to wait and see how he grows and how his calves grow ... :-)

Sheep Update!

 First of all, as promised a while ago, here is a picture of the ram I am using for breeding this year.  He is WillowGarden Seasonal, out of Spring Water Lamb Friday (WillowGarden Garnish X WillowGarden Cherry Bomb) and WillowGarden Ameliasbugh (HarmonyMarsh Autumn X V Creek Leo).  He will be with me until December 1st and then he will go to another flock until Spring.
And here is my entire flock.  Actually there is one little white ewe lamb that is sold and will be delivered next weekend.  That will leave 10 sheep until Dec 1st ... and then nine after that.  They are such a calm and loving group.  I think this will be a really enjoyable winter!