Thursday, January 12, 2012

Otis Update

Well ... Otis continues to grow like a weed!!  He is almost as big as his 'MUCH bigger at birth' brother.
 The can is not for the pups to drink, but to give an idea of size.  Besides ... we ALL know that Otis will be a fan of red wine ... ;-)

 He is so starting to look like a dog now ... :-).  I am sending off the deposit this weekend ... so Otis coming to live with Pete and I will be a done deal.
 Woo Hoo ... Life is good!

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Good Things Happening to Ziek

Midhill Ziek, the polled, A2/A2 Dexter Bull that I imported from New York State late last winter has some exciting things going to happen to him ... :-)

He has bred my two wee cows, and will breed them again before it is time for the herd to go to grass.  That will give me all of his genetics that I need for right now.
So ... Ziek is sold!  Once he has re-bred my two cows, he will head to a large and prestigious herd in Western Canada, where his genetics can have real impact on the over-all Canadian herd.  The folks buying him intend to collect his semen for sale, and some straws will be set aside for my use.  This is a TOTAL win / win situation ... for me ... for the buyer ... for Ziek ... and for the Canadian Dexter herd.

I am excited and thankful.

Life is good!

Otis ... Jan 7th ... Almost 3 Weeks Old

My Boy ... :-)

Monday, January 02, 2012

Otis at 13 Days!

Folks From Christmas Day!

The kitchen is always the most crowded room in the house it seems!
 the bird
 Chris attacking the bird
 Chris and Tim

  1.  Kerri and Sloane
Betty, Chris, Steve, and Jamie 
Betty with Will, Jamie, and Sloane
Kate ... *sigh*