Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sudbury ... Revisited

I am soooo growing to like this boy! Below is a poor quality photo of a fleece that I think will be awesome. When I named him Sudbury, he had no crimp, no lustre, no hand, and I thought ... no hope! This picture doesn't show it well, but this guy is coming in with an even crimp from front to back, an awesome lustre, and a wonderful hand.
Horns sure look like they'd be good ...
And he is out of North Wind Holiday, who microned finer than any Shetland ram I have ever KNOWN. His dam is out of Underhill Thelonius Monk (a ram I REALLY liked) and an F1 Orion daughter to boot.
Do I keep him or sell him? If you are on this side of the border and interested ... let me know if you are interested. I just want him to be used ... and I KNOW that I won't be able to use him this year with my Cormo X Shetland project just starting.

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Hopeful Farm said...

What about a trade for my moorit boy? Just a thought. I hope the chickens start laying for you soon. I find they always slow down in hot weather, Michele