Friday, June 25, 2010


This guy, WillowGarden Toronto is out of a ewe that is both gulmoget and katmoget with the gulmoget being the Tisket type ... and Wintertime Red Velvet, who is a Dillon gulmoget. Since this guy shows no sign of katmoget, he must be double pattern gulmoget.
I like his tail and conformation ... but what strange facial markings he has! He is also half polled and will have scurs rather than horns.
I was really disappointed in his fleece when he was born, but it is coming in really soft and crimpy ... :-)
I wish that I had the time to work more with this guy's genetics! Maybe I'll try to work him into my Cormo X program ... unless someone in Canada wants to work with the two gulmoget patterns to determine what makes them appear different.


Michelle said...

His face looks like an Ag/At lamb I had born here last year!

Hopeful Farm said...

I find his face looks a lot like Duncan's face. I have a few doe eyed ones like that as well as you can see in the photos of some of my bfl crosses, Michele

The Hansen's said...

Wow!What about someone in the U.S.? :)