Monday, March 25, 2013

Catching Up On My Life ... Continued

... and so began the process of winding down Willow Garden ...

I sold my chicken coop and a LOT of the fencing that I had used to separate the various breeds and species of birds, in order to make the farm more feasible for a variety of uses.  The day that a young couple winched the coop on to a trailer and drove away with it was wonderful!  Science, and youth in action! 

My wonderful kids and their families showed up to paint the out buildings one weekend.  What a transformation!

And after MUCH cleaning, tossing, and de-cluttering ... Willow Garden was listed.

In September, the last sheep left the farm, leaving me with just four egg layer hens!

I didn't get the place listed very early last summer, and before I knew it, Winter was approaching.  I did not want to move in the snow, so I rented out the main part of the house and moved into my wonderful 'Grandpa Flat' for the Winter.


This is also about the time when I decided that I'd like to fall madly in love just one more time ... and I began the process of dating with the intent to find a life partner.  Oh boy did I kiss my share of toads! ... lol.

Don't get me wrong, I only dated nice guys ... and I have a few good friends as a result of the process ... but I didn't meet my Frog Prince.

Through all of this journey I was supported by some wonderful friends ... and my totally loving and supportive family.  I could never adequately express the love and gratitude that I feel for this group of people.

I finally decided to just stop kissing toads, and live my life as it was presented to me.
That turned out to be an awesome decision ...

... to be continued 

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