Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Stupid Things We Do!

Well ... I was once again reminded of my age today ... *sigh*

Thelonius needed a shot of Nuflor, or so my Vet said. He always seems to prescribe the most expensive antibiotic ... which he then sells to me ... hmmm ... but he is a GREAT guy and a good Vet and I trust him.

Thelonius is a BIG boy at two and a half years old. BUT ... invincible me decided that I could catch him, hold him, and give him the shot, on my own, in the rain. No need for any help ... even though there was help available. Matt was just across the road. Gene was in the house. But NO ... I can do anything ... hehehe.

Well ... I caught him with no trouble, while he ate ... but he bolted, dragging me behind him. I managed to pull him down and give him the shot and was feeling pretty proud of myself.

As I walked away, I had sharp pain in my lower leg at the back, and my duckies were filled with blood and over flowing.
I hollered for Gene, who brought me a towel ... and then some rags to twist tight to try to stop the bleeding. I cleaned up as best I could with the garden hose. And then ... we headed for emergency at the hospital.

Once again, I am watched over and protected. Seems that when I fell over, Thelonius pulled my bare leg into the sharpish edge of his dirty old hog trough. The cut was DEEP ... but I missed arteries, tendons, the bone, and most of the muscle tissue.

So ... it got cleaned up, four stiches inside to repair the minor muscle damage ... and then a dozen more to close the wound.

I have to keep it dry for the next ten days ... and stay off of my feet ... yah right ... hehehe.

I'm feeling a little foolish ... and will learn to ask for help more often ...

... likely ... ;-)

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Colours At Home ... :-)

Well ... I picked up my two Kayaks today. As you can see ... they are ... colourful ... hehehe

Tomorrow I am de-worming the ewe flock, taking fleece samples for micron testing, and choosing my show string for the Ontario show on October 8th. Friday I am working. Saturday ... I expect that I'll find a fairly calm body of water nearby ... to paddle around in.

Cool, eh!?!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Fall Colours

Here are a FEW pictures of colour taken last weekend while Bolering at Bon Echo Provincial Park.

The first one is a reflection. The rest are real photos ... I think ... :-)

Delights at Bon Echo

On our first full day at Bon Echo Provincial Park, We hiked and took pictures for the whole day. It was GLORIOUS weather, and breath-taking sights were every where.

At the end of the day as we were headed home ... we came across a doe who stood for a great photo shoot. I was beside myself to have been given the opportunity.

The next morning, in my usual 'push buttons, but don't read the manual' mode ... I erased all 315 pictures that I took the day before. I decided that it was not life-threatening, immoral, or illegal ... so I let it go. But secretly ... I was sorry to have lost the deer pictures.

On the second day, we followed the same trail, at the same time in hopes of catching shots of the deer again. It was not meant to be, so we went back to the trailer to get supper ... which had been simmering all day in the slow cooker (camping in a Boler leaves that as an option ... ;-).

The next part of the story will show you what a truly blessed life I live. The pictures that follow show the gift that was given to me by my God who is always with me.

This doe wandered into our campsite and hung around while I took 40 pictures ... I even had to change batteries ... and then the memory card. But still she stayed with me ... until I was finished. Many times, I could have reached out and touched her.

What a gift!

Tomorrow, I am returning to Bon Echo, but just for a while. I am going to buy two kayaks. The rental guy there is selling off his kayaks, canoes, and paddle boats. Kayaks are a total blast, and might just help to keep me young ... ;-)

So ... next season ... we'll have the pick-up with two kayaks on it ... followed by the Boler with two bicycles on it ... all driven by a couple of old guys who live on ibuprofen ... hehehe

Life is good!

Monday, September 24, 2007

What I Am Doing Next Weekend

NOT!!!!!Find the folks in this picture. There are TWO of them. They are about 1/3 of the way up the rock face ... but ... one third of the rock face is below this picture ... and about 1/3 of the trip is above this photo.

I SOOOOOOOOOOOOO respect what they are doing, and might just join them next weekend ... yah right ... but only if I can provide the food for the end of the trip! That would be all that I could do. Can you even IMAGINE! The cliff face sticks WAY out as it moves to the top!!!!

Dang my life is boring!

I'm just back from four days and three nights at Bon Echo Provincial Park. I took about 600 pictures, but won't post them ALL ... hehehe

I'm headed back on Wednesday, just for the day ... to buy a couple of kayaks to go with the Boler.

WHAT has come over me!!?? Will I ever act my age?

I SURE hope not ... hehehe

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Hooked Up ... And Ready to Go!

I thought that I'd tell more about the Boler ... and answer a few queries that I've had.

First of all ... it is 13' long at its longest ... and 6'6 at its widest. The main bed is a 3/4 bed ... but there is also a small bunk bed that is only 20" wide. We sleep in the main bed ... or did for the one night that we have spent in it. Of course, we were both so tired from all the dang hiking that neither of us stirred in the night.

Or maybe it was the wine ... ;-) To clarify another query, I brought along an open bottle of white wine to finish off ... and a bottle of red wine to go with the glasses. Helped us sleep to be sure ... but ... left us still able to hike some more the next morning.

Anyway ... indeed we do both fit. AND ... if it gets uncomfortable ... I have an air mattress so that Gene can sleep in the dining tent ... if he chooses ... I'm staying with the Boler ... hehehe

We're off for three nights at Bon Echo this time. Who knows how THAT will go ... hehehe

Plant Life at Presqu'ile

To those on dial-up ... I am so sorry if this take a while to come up on your computer.

These are more pictures from Presqu'ile.
As I said ... we hiked a lot ... and every time I got tired ... I pretended that I just HAD to take a picture ... so I could rest ... hehehe
There are HUNDREDS more ... but ... I won't likely post too many of them.

This weekend ... we are headed for Bon Echo Provincial Park with the Boler ... and they have LOTS of hiking trails.
I have a NEW memory card so I can take even MORE breaks ... and more pictures ... hehehe

Life is grand ... ;-)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Bugs at Presqu'ile

We walked just about every trail in the Park when we were there ... MANY Kilometers. Actually, it was likely good for me.

AND ... being the lazy sot that I am ... ;-) ... I took my camera everywhere ... so that if I needed a rest ... I could just PRETEND that I was taking pictures.
I took HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of pictures! Shows how many rests that I needed ... hehehe
These are just a FEW of the ones that I took of assorted 'bugs'.
Sheep pictures will come on another day.

This post is already likely pretty large for friends on dial-up.


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A Boler Vacation

DANG, I love this trailer!For the first time in MANY years ... I took off for a holiday. This holiday had NOTHING to do with sheep. It was not related to family ... or anything that I SHOULD be doing. It was a TRUE vacation. I took Gene, and was pretty sure that an overnight in the Boler (13' at the longest ... by 6'6" at the widest) ... well ... we'd either kill each other ... or ... have moved the relationship to a new place. I'm voting for 'a new place' for our relationship as being the outcome ... ;-)

I have MANY more pictures to follow ... and a HUGE smile on my face ... so ... the Boler may just be a 'happy-mobile'. We'll see ... ;-)
The two pictures above are our campsite. The one below shows how close we were to the lake. We could just carry our chairs across a NOT busy roadway and sit on the beach. VERY cool.

Above is our first Boler supper being cooked ... pasta and an almost homemade pasta sauce. EXTREME apologies to all who might be offended by the fact that I only packed RED wine glasses ... and then served white wine. We drank it quick so that we could move on to the red wine ... so the glasses would be CORRECT. You can be SURE that the correct wine glasses will ALL be packed for the next trip ... hehehe.
To end the night we sipped the last of the red wine ... while we watched this sunset ... from the beech DIRECTLY across the road from our campsite.

It was all very magical.

And ... as scary as this might sound ... we are doing it all over again next weekend for THREE nights ... at Bon Echo Provincial Park.

Talk about pushing the envelope ... hehehe