Sunday, July 03, 2011

For Nan and Grumps

Ewes and Ewe Lambs For Sale

There are four ewes and five ewe lambs for sale at Willow Garden this year.

As always, there is a discount of $25 per animal if you purchase three or more animals in the same year.
WillowGarden Nicole Kidman is a 2009 wildly spotted katmoget ewe out of Willowgarden Garnish and HarmonyMarsh Anastasia.  She is an awesome ewe with an even, fine fleece.  She'll add flash to any breeding program! ... $275 - SALE PENDING
I am also selling her awesome ewe lamb from this year out of Spring Water Lamb Friday.  This is a great chance to add spotted genetics from a truly quality sheep ... $350 - SALE PENDING
HarmonyMarsh Willow is a 2008 moorit (mioget) ewe out of WillowGarden Sudan and WillowGarden Tracy Chapman.  She is excellent Shetland 'type' and would be a great addition as a breeding ewe ... $250
 Also available is Willow's ewe lamb out of HarmonyMarsh DaVinci, a spotted emsket ram.  This ewe is also very typey ... and will be carrying spots from her sire ... $300
Fibre Works ISP is a 2007 spotted ewe out of Linda Wendelboe's breeding (Alberta).  She is a lovely ewe.  Although she is iset (white fibres in the fleece), her fleece sold as soon as it was sheared. ... $250
I am also selling her daughter from this year.  This lamb is a near clone of her dam and out of Friday, who does not carry iset ... $300 - SALE PENDING
HarmonyMarsh Twilight is a 2008 emsket ewe with spotting, out of HarmonyMarsh Blackjack and HarmonyMarsh Aubergine.  She is a smaller ewe, but raised twins this year. ... $250 - SALE PENDING
This 2011 moorit ewe lamb is out of WillowGarden Hattie McDaniel and HarmonyMarsh DaVinci.  She is a perfect Shetland and will be carrying spots from her sire. ... $300
 Last, but NOT least, is this flashy ewe lamb out of HarmonyMarsh Autumn and Spring Water Lamb Friday. I like this lamb a lot, but I have retained her dam and a sister. ... $350 - SALE PENDING

Friday, July 01, 2011

Birds ... and they ARE For Sale ... :-)

 White Jersey Giant
 Dark Brahma with black and white Jersey Giants
 Dark Brahma
 a gaggle of geese

 Light Brahmas ... pullet above and cockerel below
 meat bird females at 9 weeks

 Welsummer pullet (above) and cockerel (below)