Thursday, May 24, 2012

Three Years

It seems hard to imagine, but it has been three years.  In the wee hours of the morning, on May 25th,Gene breathed his last breath with relief and sailed off.
 I think of him often and miss him more than I ever thought that I would/could.
When I went to do chores in the morning on May 25th, this little girl, Jean Harlow, had been born in the night.  Jean is the one adult ewe that is staying with me ... :-)

Friday, May 11, 2012

My TWO Ewes!

So ... now to introduce the two ewes that I am keeping ... and will be passing off as 'dogs' at the new Willow Garden ... LOL
 First up is Jean Harlow.  She is dog tame, can open gates, and is happiest in the back yard anyway!  She is a North Wind Holiday daughter.  She is also the lamb that was born the night that Gene died.  I came out in the morning to this bouncing, energetic reminder ... that life goes on ... :-)
Her ram lamb is spotted katmoget and very nice.  I expect that he'll be breeding quality, so he will be for sale!
Jean's companion will be Bloomfield.  Bloomfield is line bred on Enfield Greyling, and out of lines that I purchased from Carol Arthur.  She is also a V Creek Leo daughter.
Her ram lamb will likely also be available as a breeding ram this fall.  He is gulmoget, and perhaps emsket.

These are the girls of the NEW Willow Garden ... :-)

Lambs! ... and News!

Well ... there is just one more ewe yet to lamb this year at Willow Garden ... and then a yearling that might lamb at her new home ... :-)

Here they are ... the lambs of 2012 ... 
These are twin ewe lambs out of Willow Garden Ameliasburgh and Willow Garden Seasonal.  The one that isn't spotted is emsket ... :-)

Seasonal is the sire of all of the lambs, so I won't mention him again. 
And here is Cheery with her awesome looking gulmoget ram lamb! 
Neir Lakes # AI had twin katmoget lambs ... a ram and a ewe.  She is out of Todhill Glayva, and the lambs look awesome! 
 Willow Garden Ottawa had a ram and a ewe lamb.
Willow Garden Kanata had an awesome spotted katmoget ewe lamb.

All of these ewes, and their lambs are sold.  HarmonyMarsh DaVinci and WillowGarden Seasonal are also included in the package.  They are going to a wonderful farm, with a shepherd experienced with sheep ... just not Shetlands.  Bonnie, my wonderful LGD is going with them ... :-)

I am keeping just two ewes for the next Willow Garden ...

and THAT is my big news ... :-)

I am tired of being tired all of the time, trying to do this by myself!  Somewhere along the line, it stopped being fun and just became work.  I want to spin, weave, and throw dinner parties ... and I WILL! 

So ... this farm will be sold ASAP ... and I'll be purchasing a new, smaller Willow Garden, deeper into The County ... back to the area where Gene and I started out.  I have lots of friends and supports there ... and the move just feels ... right!  It feels like I am going home ... :-)

Life is good!