Thursday, May 31, 2007

AI Babies ... growing up

Well ... my AI babies are about seven weeks old now, so I thought I'd post some updated pictures of a few of them. In total, there are 35 live lambs from the two AI sires that I used.
Above is WillowGarden Chobe, an Ag Fawn katmoget out of Great Plains Sylvia (F1 Greyling) and Todhill Glayva. The ewe is WillowGarden Libya, out of Great Plains Wren (F1 Minder) and Todhill Glayva. Both lambs are 75% UK genetics and display the characteristics that I'd hoped they'd have.
This is little doll is WillowGarden Sahara, out of WillowGarden Janis Joplin (domestic) and Todhill Glayva. She is an F1. Won't she add some appeal to my spotted Shetlands ... ;-)
I really like this guy, WillowGarden Egypt, out of Great Plains Wren (F1 Minder) and Todhill Glayva. So far he is looking exactly like I had expected/hoped for. He is 75% UK genetics.
This guy is WillowGarden Congo. Although he is less showy that the ram above (in my opinion, anyway) , he does have a VERY soft grey fleece and excellent conformation on a larger frame. He is out of Great Plains Joanne (domestic) and Todhill Hornblower.
I LOVE this guy, WillowGarden Nelson, although I do wish that he was bigger! He is out of Great Plains Cherry (F2 Timothy & F2 Greyling). His sire is Todhill Hornblower. He is 75% UK genetics and looking good!
Here is WillowGarden Mandella, sister to Nelson, so she is 75% UK as well.

I'll try to get more pictures over the weekend. The lambs this year are so much better than I ever imagined ... even my domestics! Selecting ruthlessly for conformation and fleece is paying off for me!


My Favourite Ewe Lamb ... right now anyway ... ;-)

No matter how hard I try, I can't seem to get a good picture of this little imp, but these shots will give you an idea of how wonderful she is.
Her name is WillowGarden T'ana. She is a yuglet flekket sokket katmoget. I expect that she is a modified colour as well. T'ana's dam is WillowGarden Pippin, a whole colour fawn ewe out of Great Plains Tulip (Ag fawn) and WillowGarden Duke Ellington (emsket blettet).
Her sire is Wind Water Asparagus, a yuglet flecket mioget katmoget out of WillowGarden Magda Gabor and WillowGarden Luther Vandross. 'Gus' was bred by Shawna Grey, of Uxbridge.
If T'ana is big enough by Fall, I will likely breed her to one of my AI spotted katmogets ... perhaps this guy below, WillowGarden Kilimanjaro.

Monday, May 21, 2007


What an AMAZING day today. The weather was perfect! We had about 400 people through here in four hours. The 4H kids CLEARED $450+ on their barbeque.

And ... I sold a TON of fleeces, with all of that money, after paying the shearer, going to the 'Mother-to-Child HIV Prevention' program through World Vision. Combined with donations received today ... the total is $600. That means that 8 babies will have a chance at life!

I'm really tired tonight ... but what a wonderful day!
This is an old picture as I was too busy to have my camera out today.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Article In Local Newspaper ... Delivered Free to Every Home in the County ... ;-)

Open house highlight is always the lamb romp

Bruce Bell
Local Features - Friday, May 18, 2007 Updated @ 3:01:12 PM

Photo: Mikaela and lambs at Willow Garden Shetlands, 2033 Salem Rd, Consecon, home to the 4H Sheep Club open house Monday, May 21 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The wool will be flying at Willow Garden Shetlands on the Victoria Day holiday.

The 4H Sheep Club will host its annual fundraising open house and barbecue at the Amelia
sburgh farm and owner Bill Stearman promises a fun-filled family day.

“It’s been very popular in past years because it is such a relaxing and enjoyable day for families,” he said. “When it was raining, we still drew about 200 people and when it’s been nice we get 400 or 500 people here – many who will spend the entire four hours.”

Stearman, who raises purebred sheep on the farm said there will be plenty of interaction for visitors with the sheep and as many as 85 lambs.

“This is the major fundraiser for our club and helps offset many of the activities the 4H members participate in
,” he explained. “We will be giving shearing demonstrations but the highlight is always the lamb romp when between 40 and 60 of the little ones race around.”

While the event is used to raise money for 4H activities, Stearman also hopes to raise funds for another organization. He has been participating in the Mother to Child HIV Prevention program in Af
rica, donating money from his sheep sales to help prevent the spread of the HIV virus from infected mothers to their newborn children.

To date, Stearman has been able to supply needle kits to 44 African mothers from his sales, but he has had some help. Carol Arthur, a Quebec sheep farmer and Carol Brough, a Prince Edward County real estate salesperson have been matching his donation of $25 from each sale. With their contributions, each sale covers the cost of one $75 kit.

“It’s really incredible when you stop and think that it only takes $75 to ensure a child in Africa is born without AIDS or HIV,” he said.”It makes selling sheep seem pretty irrelevant when with so little effort you can help a child have a fair start to life.”

Stearman said donations will be accepted throughout the day of the open house – 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday, May 21 at 2033 Salem Rd. near Consecon.

For more details, contact Stearman at 613-394-8631.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Willow Garden Shetlands Open House, Sheep Shearing, 4 H Barbeque, and Lamb Romp

Well ... it has been a while. Much has, and is changing in my life, on a daily basis ... but I'll keep you all in suspense about much of it ... and instead ... I'll fill you in on our upcoming event.

The fourth annual Willow Garden Shetlands Victoria Day Open House, Sheep Shearing, Lamb Romp, and 4 H Fundraising Barbeque will be held, rain or shine on Monday, May 21, from 10 AM until 2 PM.

This is an amazing family event that is always well attended. There is no admission fee, and the 4H ers help show folks around. There will be a chance to pet our donkey, meet the HUGE Livestock Guardian Dogs, watch the lambs romp as folks wander among them, pet lambs, support the 4H barbeque, and sit with family and friends on the lawn.

Carol Brough of Century 21 in Picton is again providing a porta-potty for the convenience of visitors.

This is a great chance to get up close and personal with sheep and lambs ... and to watch sheep being shorn.

Fleeces will be available for sale as they come off the sheep. Sheep photos and art, beautiful rovings, and perhaps some yarn, will also be available.

Here’s how to find us …

2033 Salem Rd, Consecon, ON

Take 401 to exit 522 (Wooler Road/County Rd 40). Follow Wooler Road south towards Trenton until it ends at Loyalist Parkway (#33). Turn right on to Loyalist Parkway and follow it into Prince Edward County. Once you pass the 'Welcome to Prince Edward County' sign, you are almost there. You will pass Victoria Road on the left, then Cnty Rd. 19 on the left and then Salem Road. Turn left on Salem Road. We are about 2 km in on the right hand side, just past the first set of jogs in the road.

Bring the family … and a camera.

I have also sold 38+ sheep ... and brought in 16 from the US. I also ended lambing with over 100 lambs on the ground, in two countries!

More on these things later.