Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dachshound Cuteness

Look what Kate found for Otis and I ... :-)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Twin ewe lambs were born early this morning ... in spite of how they look in the photo, they are black or emsket.  All three are for sale ... now, at a great price ... or at weaning.  The dam is WillowGarden Ameliasburgh and the sire is WillowGarden Seasonal.  These three girls would be a GREAT starter flock, along with HarmonyMarsh DaVinci, who is also for sale!

I am hoping to have the time over the next few days  ... and to have everything settled enough ... to fill in folks who follow this blog on the BIG, positive changes coming to Willow Garden this summer!

Life is good ... and about to get even better ... :-)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

First Lambs ... SOLD

Awesome trio for sale ... mother (white, carrying moorit and katmoget) ... ewe and ram lambs, both moorit katmogets carrying spots and modified colour. They will have awesome fleeces!!

 Dam is Neir Lakes 315405977 AI ... Sire is WillowGarden Seasonal.

They'd be a good start for someone ... :-)

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Cows on a GLORIOUS Spring Day!

This is Whiskers, with her smooth polled A2/A2 bull, Ziek's Shadow,
 She is sold, pending a deposit, and headed for eastern Ontario in July, once she has weaned her boy.
 I'll miss her, as she is 'dog tame', but she is going to a wonderful home.
 And I do get to keep her calf, and hopefully use him to breed Winka next year.
Winka is staying at Willow Garden as my lone cow.

Her calf, Brisket is also staying and will be my freezer steer for 2014

I'm still waiting for transport of Midhill Ziek to Alberta to be arranged.

T-Bone will go into my freezer as soon as I can arrange things ... ;-).
And coming later from my friend Marion is Chuck Roast II.  He will be freezer beef for 2013.  This picture was NOT taken today ... LOL.
There are some very exciting changes in the works for Willow Garden ... and they are all positive ... :-)

Details will be published once everything gets firmed up.

Life is good!