Monday, May 30, 2011

Family Fun in Prince Edward County!

Salem Road Fibre Festival
Saturday, June 4
10 am until 2 pm
Free Admission and Fun For the Whole Family!
Willow Garden Shetlands

2033 Salem Rd
Consecon ON
Sheep ShearingLamb RompOpen House
& 4 H Barbeque
·          Colourful & Playful Lambs
·          Dexter Cattle & Calves
·          Rare Breed Chickens, Turkeys & Geese
·          Livestock Guardian Dogs
·          Shearing & Spinning Demonstrations and Raw Fleeces For Sale
Seventh Town Alpaca Ranch
Fibre Festival

1755 Salem Rd 
·          See Shorn Alpaca & a Session on Shearing and     Rearing Information
·          Raw Fleece Skirting/Carding/Spinning Demonstrations
·          Needle & Wet Felting Demonstrations
·          4H Alpaca Club Fund Raiser
·          Kids Workshops – Kool Aid Dying and Loom Knitting

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Two Years

How can yah NOT miss this man ... :-)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Good 'Cow News'

I got the test results back for Katanna and 'Stew'.  Both are A2/A2.  The milk from A2/A2 animals is free of beta casein A1.  Apparently this is a good thing in the family milking cow world!

Katanna and Stew are both out of Earlona Petula and Dreamland Samson, with Katanna being their 2010 calf and Stew being born in 2011.

The good news is that Katanna will stay here for a good long time, and produce A2/A2 calves out of Ziek ... :-).  I am awaiting the results of colour testing for Stew.  I am hoping that he carries dun.  I expect that he will be for sale as a registered bull and not as freezer meat.  Good news for him ... but I'm left hoping for a bull calf or two from Honeybun and Ramona ... as I'll need one for my freezer in 2013.

Life is good!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Breath of Fresh Air!

I have had a rough few days here at Willow Garden with sick lambs.  I'll go over the details once I have dealt with everything ... which will likely be pretty soon.  Anyway ... my sister Betty, who I love more than life itself, came to cheer me up and she brought Ian, who always has some new red wine for me to try ... and Claire, my first born great niece.  It was a wonderful visit ... and Betty sent these pictures.  Thanks for coming Betty, Ian, and especially ... Claire ... :-)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Pictures to Update

Although it may seem that I've been sitting on my butt since I have posted no pictures ... that isn't the case.  Here are a few pictures to prove that we've been busy ... :-)
 My yearling ewes that I bred late are just lambing now.  There are three more to go and I am totally ready for lambing to be over with since it started in mid-March ... but beautiful ewe lambs like this Ag gulmoget make it worth while.  Meet WillowGarden Cheery.
 I am brooding meat birds, Light Brahmas, Welsummers, Australorps, and Chanteclers in my 'Chick Mobile'. I also have 17 turkeys in another area being brooded ... and White Jersey Giants, Black Jersey Giants, and Dark Brahmas coming next Monday!  So much for cutting down on breeds!  Many of these will be sold as breeding pairs or trios, or as layers.

 I put my geese out to pasture at two weeks of age and they seem to LOVE life in the grass.  They have shade and shelter from the weather, and seem to be thriving.

 Lauren and Cindy are out with the yearling ewes and once they are even more aclimatized to Willow Garden, I'll let them out with the main flock.
Anyway ... that is a sampling of current life at Willow Garden ... so you don't think that I am lazing about ... :-)

Life is good!

Monday, May 02, 2011

Lauren and Cindy Have Arrived!

Well, they are here!  And they are such gentle creatures.  I am thrilled with them ... and believe me ... I WAS having second thoughts as I recalled the ordeal with a Llama many years ago!
 Lauren ... is a Bay Black Suri Alpaca.
Cindy is a golden brown.

Both girls spent the day on April 22 with this boy pictured in the two pictured below.  He is from Peru!  I won't know if they are bred or not until April next year,but I'll be happy if they are not bred as I really only want to have the two Alpaca.

Life is good!