Saturday, June 21, 2008

FirthofFifth Aman AI

I have purchased some rams to add new genetics, and hopefully some even finer fleeces to my flock. This guy is the first one ... FirthofFifth Aman. Aman is an F1 Orion son.
As a yearling, he microned at ... AFD - 22.2 ... SD - 5.0 ... CV - 24.7.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


A couple of months ago, a freelance columnist called and wanted to come and interview me for her Pink Plantet column in the Toronto Star. She met with lots of folks here in The County. The article appeared in the Travel Section of the Saturday Star on June 14 th. Here is a link to the column.This picture appeared in the paper, but not on the web version. I like the picture ... so I am sharing it with you all. I almost look thin and fit ... but I DO look (and am) happy.

The columnist is Julia Steinecke. Here is a link where you can read more of her work.

Renovations are WELL underway for the new 'Grandpa Flat' that will enable the Guest House. Will post more about that later, but ... if you want a bit of a glimpse ... rent the movie 'The Money Pit' ... hehehe.

Life is good ... :-)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Mature Ewes ALL SOLD and headed West

These four ewes were on my 'Keep For Sure' list, but ... if I can sell them and have them gone by early July, then I will no longer need to be in the Scrapie Program. And I need to keep the ewe flock, including ewe lambs, at no more than 30. They are SOLD. FirthofFifth Masala Chai ... out of FirthofFifth Evidence of Autum and Winter Sky Sandstone. This ewe has Jamie, Holly, and Timothy genetics and is one of my favourites. I am retaining her daughter, and hopefully importing a half-brother from the US.
SheltrgPines Irene S21756 ... a likely modified (fawn) out of SheltrgPines King Arthur and Canosia Farm May. I LOVE this girl as well and am retaining her daughter and son.
Shepherdwds Linga AI S22206 ... a slightly modified F1 Orion daughter, out of Heights Orion and Shepherdwds Friday. I LOVE Orion babies ... but hope to import an Orion son from the US later this year.
Whistlestop 0429 AI S18092 (Llizbet) ... out of Island Skeld and Whistlestop 0112, a Drum Jings daughter.

Ewe Lambs For Sale ... ALL SOLD

I have just five ewe lambs left for sale. I do have a woman interested, and she has 'first right of refusal', but, once she has had her pick, or passed on them ... they'll be up for grabs.

This group would make a great starter flock. It includes, moorit, black, Ag grey, katmoget, gulmoget, white, modified colour genetics, and spots.

All lambs are $400 each, with a $25 discount per animal when three or more are purchased.

These girls have genetics that are rare in Canada. If they are not sold, they'll be staying in my own breeding program.This ewe lamb is out of SheltrgPines Zimbelstern and WillowGarden Kilimanjaro, my F1 Todhill Glayva spotted katmoget son. She is carry moorit from her sire. Her twin brother is being retained. - SOLD
This doll is out of WillowGarden Billie Holiday, a spotted gulmoget ewe out of Great Plains Tisket lines, and Bramble Nick (F2 Enfield Greyling, F3 Greenholme Holly, F2 Willowcroft Jamie). I am keeping her twin sister. - SOLD
The imp above is out of WillowGarden Papaya, a modified moorit (fawn, likely) ewe and Underhill Thelonius Monk (F2 Shirehill Minder, F3 Greenholme Holly, F3 Campaign Timothy). She will carry moorit, and modified colour genetics from her dam. Her dam is staying, for now. - SOLD
This ewe is a treasure, out of Great Plains Sara (F1 Heatheram Lightning) and Bramble Nick (F2 Enfield Greyling, F3 Greenholme Holly, F2 Willowcroft Jamie). I am keeping her twin sister. - SOLD
This Ag katmoget is out of one of my favourite ewes, Great Plains Isabell (F1 Enfield Greyling). Her sire is V Creek Hummer, a katmoget/gulmoget ram (F2 Roban Dillon, F3 Lightning, plus Minder, Greyling and Holly genetics). She is a great little ewe lamb. I am keeping her twin. - SOLD

Shepherd In The Making

Last weekend, I had family and friends here for a simple, down-home style barbecue. It was such fun with lots of babies and kids. Breeze, my runt of a BFL lamb ... who has become a TOTAL pet ... spent the afternoon in the yard playing with the kids.

Here, she meets my grandson, Will ...
... and discovers that there is no getting away from him!

Friday, June 13, 2008


Today was the most difficult day that I have had since Gene and I decided to separate. Yah, there have been some tense moments over the past year and a half as we have worked through the process. But, no tears as we worked toward what is best for both of us.

For my dogs, though, it is different. They have had perfect behaviours throughout my relationship with them. They have made an unconditional commitment to my expectations, and to their flock. Their priorities have always been to their flock, and to me. They have been, and were flawless in our relationship.
Yet ... they needed a new home if I am to run a Guest House/Farm Vacation enterprise here, as their barking just would not be conducive to this new venture, needed for me to keep the farm. So I found the most perfect farm in the world for them ... one where there are lots of my/our sheep already there. Today, they left with five ewe lambs.
Kayla especially, had no understanding of what was happening as we looked at each other through the window in the back of the truck.

As my son-in-law Tim says, Kayla ... 'It is all good.'

And soon I'll stop crying.

I love you both Kayla and Nick. Be happy!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Matt ... 'The Kid Across The Road Who Makes It Possible For Me To Do All Of This'

What can I say! You all know about Matt, if you have followed this blog for a length of time. And ... since a young man as fine and worthy as Matt has to have an exceptional family, I am sure that you have imagined the folks that they must be.

Matt ... is ... 'The Kid Across The Road Who Makes It Possible For Me to Do All Of This' ... to be sure. I almost always consult him when the tough decisions about sales have to be made. He knows my sheep as they compare to my rating scales, but also as they relate to my heart.

And he helps me to maintain this balance ... which is an important one.

A young man like Matt doesn't just happen. He comes from a family that is as exceptional as he is. Here are a bunch of pictures of Matt taken before he went to his Prom.

'The Kid Across The Road Who Makes It Possible For Me to Do All Of This' ... is part of a ... 'Family Across The Road Who Makes It Possible For Me to Do All Of This'. I could not/would not have considered the new venture that I am undertaking here at Willow Garden without their support. Thank you Bosley Family ... :-).

Matt ... with his brother, Jason.
Matt and his Mom, Julie
Matt and his Dad, Pete
More of Matt

And STILL more of Matt

I should post some pictures of what he wears when he comes over here to work ... hehehe.