Thursday, June 23, 2011

Welsummers and Light Brahmas For Sale

I have some well started birds for sale.  These are idea for back yard flocks or for folks interested in breeding.

The Light Brahmas are 8 weeks old, and not as easily sexed, although some of the roosters are obvious. These are a large, old breed with feather legs and feet. They are calm and friendly brown egg layers.

 The Welsummers are 7 weeks old and are easily sexed. These birds are a dutch breed that lay very dark, beautiful eggs.
All birds are $12 each, or 6 for $60. In other words ... buy 5 and get the 6th for free ... :-)

In a week or two, I will also have White Jersey Giants, Black Jersey Giants, and Dark Brahmas.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

An Unregistered Starter Flock - SOLD

These are QUALITY animals with awesome pedigrees, but due to circumstances, the animals will be sold without papers ... at a VERY reduced rate.
WillowGarden Macaroon, is an awesome white ewe out of Bramble Nick and Great Plains Sarah.  She has a black ram lamb that will likely need to be wethered or slaughtered by Fall, and a black ewe lamb.  The trio is SOLD.
WillowGarden Vanessa Redgrave is out of North Wind Holiday and a Dailley ewe.  She comes with a black ram lamb that will also need to be wethered or slaughtered.  The pair is SOLD.
This awesome spotted, moorit katmoget ram is SOLD.

This would be an awesome starter flock for someone not interested in maintaining a registered flock with all of the associated costs, but still anxious to know that they are starting with purebred, quality stock.

Thursday, June 09, 2011


This week's hatch ... the last of the season and a pretty late one for me ... was just one little chick out of six eggs ... and hatched at 23 days!

Once the weather gets warmer, I never have as much success with my styrofoam incubator
This poor little bird went nuts with the chirping once I put her, alone, into the 'aquarium brooder'.  It was driving me crazy ... so I went to the fridge and got her a 'friend'.
She has been quiet ever since.  I think I'll find the two chicks from last week in the 'Chick-mobile' (a small box trailer that I use for brooding) and bring them in.  I expect that they'd be better company than the egg!

Kate, Tim, Anna, and Jamie arrive today and are returning to the area after a year in Yellowknife.  I'm pretty sure that the kids will enjoy chicks in Grandpa's dining room ... :-)

Life is good!

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Good Folks!

Well ... it rained a bit on the shearing Open House, but the sheep got sheared, lambs got cuddled, some fleece got sold, and a fair few people got to experience Willow Garden.
There are two women whose contribution to the event are far too often taken for granted.

JULIE CARR ... who, no matter how late I happen to call her, has the porta-pottie here and set up in plenty of time.

CAROL BROUGH ... a dear friend since Gene and I first discovered The County in 1999, and my real estate agent for life ... who pays for the porta-pottie each year ... 613-476-2100.

These two women are just good folk!